The Continuing Story…………

We have scheduled our first Home Study home visit for next week!  Yay!  We are excited to start on this next leg of the journey.  We spoke with our social worker and she is so sweet!  She made us feel at ease about our upcoming visit.  Of course, we have never done this before and are anxious, but we praying and trusting in God!

We have almost completed our medical paperwork.  We had blood drawn and blood work done two weeks ago and went to have the doctor fill out our paperwork this week.  We checked out ok!  Yay!  Except……….we had to have blood drawn again!!  Ugghh!  The nurse had overlooked 2 tests that had to be done!  And we had to have a TB skin test done.  We got stuck with needles twice!  Cary does not like needles!

But, we completed that.  Whew!!!  Now we just have to go back to have the nurse look at the skin test and sign off on the last of the blood tests.  We will pick up the doctors letter of recommendation that we are fit to parent and the medical paperwork is finished!!  Yay!  We actually are ahead of schedule!

We are also working on an online 10 hour training class about Hague Country adoption.  It has a lot of helpful information.  We are continuing to read a book about connecting with adopted children.  There is still a lot of reading and trainings to complete.  Funny, all of this reading and training…..but none of it can fully prepare someone to be a parent.  The best preparation is prayer, Bible study, and being attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit!

We are making progress on fund raising.  We are finalizing plans for a show in the fall and also a silent auction.  We are also making plans to do a puzzle piece fund raiser.  We are working on several things but if anyone has any ideas, please share!  We trust God to supply all of the funds and things that we need to become a family and rescue children in need!  We have met many people who have adopted or who are in the process.


We took a trip to the police station this week…………….. to have our fingerprints done for the adoption paperwork. That was an interesting experience!  The police officers were very nice, but being just outside the door to the jail………not so nice.

After being fingerprinted, we got our forms notarized and sent off them off in the mail.  Now we pray that the fingerprint cards do not have any errors and they are processed without event.  We are working diligently on all of the paperwork and reading that we have to do.

This week we also enrolled in an online class about International Adoption and we are still reading a book about connecting with children that are adopted.  We have a lot of training and reading to do, but it is worth it.  It will all help us be better prepared to be parents.  The most important thing is prayer – we do that every day!

We are working on an exciting fund raiser event!  We are praying that we have it finalized soon and can share all of the details.

God’s Provision

We made our first payment to the Adoption agency. Last week we prayed that God would provide for this first payment due before we start the home study. God provided in ways we didn’t expect! God is so good! He knows what we need and prepares the way even before we ask.

for the fatherless………..

Today is Father’s Day.  We celebrate fathers and fatherhood! We are thankful for fathers!
But God has burdened our hearts for the fatherless today.  We pray for those who have never known a loving father and for those who are abandoned and alone.

“For  in You, O lord, the fatherless find love, pity, and mercy.  They that dwell under His (God’s) shade shall return;  they shall revive like the grain and blossom like the vine….”  Hosea 14:3, 7

God loves the fatherless.  He loves us all very much, but He has great compassion for the fatherless.  He has put compassion in our hearts for the fatherless.  Today we pray for the orphans.  Today we know that God is wrapping His arms of love around the orphans!

God also led us to some scriptures in 2 Corinthians today.

“Laboring together as God’s fellow workers with Him, we beg of you not to receive God’s grace in vain… not receive it to no purpose.”  2 Corinthians 6:1

We like that word “laboring” together with God.  It may not be laboring to give birth in the traditional way, but we labor in a different way to give birth to our family.  We feel strongly that God has called us at this time and to this place (Hungary) to labor with Him to provide a safe and loving home to the fatherless. We gratefully follow Him in this call.

Chance to win…..

One of our fundraisers is to sell Fun Pasta.  The pasta is fun and great for gifts!  It comes in many great shapes, including holiday shapes and sport teams.  You can find the link on our Donation page or the link on this page.

Starting today, they have a contest for a prize of $300.  If you have a facebook account, you can vote for us to win!  Search for the Fun Pasta Fundraisers page on facebook.

Scroll down and look for Cary Rosetta and our story.  Click like to vote for us!  Help us win $300!

Thanks for your votes!  God bless you!

Sign here, Initial there……..paper work

We are knee deep in paperwork.  We really had no idea how much would be involved in the adoption process.  We know that it will be worth it and that every signature, paper filled out, appointment scheduled………. leads us one small step closer to our family.

This week we have been busy with appointments and paper work.  We are working on our autobiographies – answering the 4 page questionaire.  We have scheduled our orientation interview by phone for next week.  We are completing health forms and fingerprints.

We are also busy working on fund raising ideas and events.  We are thankful for every person who has volunteered to help us and for every one who is contributing to our family.  We are thankful for each idea that God gives us and for each step that He provides for us.

“I Was a Waiting Child”

Every child deserves love…

Hopscotch Adoptions

Re-defining ‘special needs’ and worthy of a second look! Let’s help more waiting children become cherished children.  You just may find your child was waiting for you all along.

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This weeks events

“A father to the fatherless….is God in His Holy habitation.  God places the lonely in families and gives them a home in which to dwell.” –Psalm 68:5-6

Each night we pray for kids who don’t have a family to love them.   We don’t know what the children that we will adopt will look like yet or who they are, but God does.  God sees them where they are at this very moment.  He has known from the beginning of time that he would take us on this journey.  God is such a tender and loving Father and He wants what is best for each of His children.  I know that He is preparing us each day. We know that Father God has this entire journey in His hands.

This week we have been praying about and researching things that we need to do to prepare for the adoption.  We have looked at the paperwork, books we need to read, things we need to do, and planning fund raisers.  At some moments, we get overwhelmed by the scope of it all, but then God reminds us that He has a hope and a future for us and for our kids.  God has it under control and we surrender ourselves to Him.

Intorducing Our New Fund Raiser

We are excited to inform you about our new partnership with Fun Pasta to enable us to raise money for our adoption.  Fun Pasta offers pasta that is just that — Fun.  You can visit our online store to see and to purchase pastas in all different shapes and sizes including special shapes for Alabama and Auburn fans.  Enjoy your shopping experience and tell others about this unique shopping opportunity.  Remember these pastas make great holiday gifts!  Just click the link to start shopping…