God’s Provision

We made our first payment to the Adoption agency. Last week we prayed that God would provide for this first payment due before we start the home study. God provided in ways we didn’t expect! God is so good! He knows what we need and prepares the way even before we ask.


2 thoughts on “God’s Provision

  1. Yes, it is great to network with others who are in the same process! The timeline we have been given in 6 to 12 months. We hope to complete our home study before the end of August. Once that is done, we will be matched with children and it is just a matter of waiting for the paper work to go through the proper channels and be approved. Hungary is approving faster than most countries at this time. That is one reason that we chose Hungary. Also, we will only make one trip there. We will stay there for a few weeks and live with our children and then return home with them. Yes, it is exciting and overwhelming! So good to know we are in this together!

  2. Hi Tony and Cary! So glad to see your comment this morning on my blog and to network with someone else who is going through this process at the same time. It is so overwhelming and exciting, isn’t it? I look forward to following your journey to your children. What is the timeline for a Hungarian adoption?

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