We took a trip to the police station this week…………….. to have our fingerprints done for the adoption paperwork. That was an interesting experience!  The police officers were very nice, but being just outside the door to the jail………not so nice.

After being fingerprinted, we got our forms notarized and sent off them off in the mail.  Now we pray that the fingerprint cards do not have any errors and they are processed without event.  We are working diligently on all of the paperwork and reading that we have to do.

This week we also enrolled in an online class about International Adoption and we are still reading a book about connecting with children that are adopted.  We have a lot of training and reading to do, but it is worth it.  It will all help us be better prepared to be parents.  The most important thing is prayer – we do that every day!

We are working on an exciting fund raiser event!  We are praying that we have it finalized soon and can share all of the details.


One thought on “Fingerprints……….

  1. It’s so awesome to start ticking things off the list, isn’t it? We are beginning our online adoption training next week and will be doing our BCI clearances on Friday (along with forking over a biiiiiiig check – not so excited for that!). Can’t wait to hear about your fundraiser – we just started planning one here and I’m already so overwhelmed by the support we are receiving.

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