The Continuing Story…………

We have scheduled our first Home Study home visit for next week!  Yay!  We are excited to start on this next leg of the journey.  We spoke with our social worker and she is so sweet!  She made us feel at ease about our upcoming visit.  Of course, we have never done this before and are anxious, but we praying and trusting in God!

We have almost completed our medical paperwork.  We had blood drawn and blood work done two weeks ago and went to have the doctor fill out our paperwork this week.  We checked out ok!  Yay!  Except……….we had to have blood drawn again!!  Ugghh!  The nurse had overlooked 2 tests that had to be done!  And we had to have a TB skin test done.  We got stuck with needles twice!  Cary does not like needles!

But, we completed that.  Whew!!!  Now we just have to go back to have the nurse look at the skin test and sign off on the last of the blood tests.  We will pick up the doctors letter of recommendation that we are fit to parent and the medical paperwork is finished!!  Yay!  We actually are ahead of schedule!

We are also working on an online 10 hour training class about Hague Country adoption.  It has a lot of helpful information.  We are continuing to read a book about connecting with adopted children.  There is still a lot of reading and trainings to complete.  Funny, all of this reading and training…..but none of it can fully prepare someone to be a parent.  The best preparation is prayer, Bible study, and being attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit!

We are making progress on fund raising.  We are finalizing plans for a show in the fall and also a silent auction.  We are also making plans to do a puzzle piece fund raiser.  We are working on several things but if anyone has any ideas, please share!  We trust God to supply all of the funds and things that we need to become a family and rescue children in need!  We have met many people who have adopted or who are in the process.


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