Orphans can become anything if given the chance!

There are children all over the world who are lost, alone, hurting, and in so much need.  Every child deserves the chance to have a life of hope.  We have the ability to give them a life! Adoption means giving them a home, loving them, and most importantly teaching them about Jesus – so they will have a hope and a future.  God has great plans for EVERY child.  We can be part of the plan by caring for orphans.  I have heard people say “they’ll never amount to anything.”  Without our help orphans don’t have a future. Adoption is a beautiful thing.

Here are a few people that have lived in an orphanage, lived in foster care, adopted by a step parent, or been adopted.  They became famous.  It is not about where you come from but about who you become!

Babe Ruth – baseball player                                                       Christina Crawford – author

Dave Thomas – entrepreneur: founder of Wendy’s

Faith Daniels – news anchor                                                         Faith Hill – country singer

Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady

George Washington Carver – inventor                                                      Jamie Foxx – actor

Jesse Jackson – minister                                                                             Jesus – Our Savior

Jett Williams – country singer                                                             John Lennon – musician

Michael Reagan – author, talk show host

Marilyn Monroe – actress

Melissa Gilbert – actress

Moses – Biblical leader                                                               Nancy Reagan – First Lady

Nelson Mandela – politician                                                              President Gerald Ford

President William Clinton                                                               Priscilla Presley – actress

Ray Liotta – actor                                                                         Sarah McLachlan – singer

Scott Hamilton – figure skater

Steve Jobs – entrepreneur: co-founder of Apple computer

Tim McGraw – country singer

Paperwork progress

We had our 2nd Home Study visit with the Social Worker last week.  It was the one where we were interviewed individually about our autobiographies.  It was a very LONG afternoon but it was successful.  Our precious social worker makes us feel very comfortable and she is so easy to talk to.  At that visit, we realized that we had a few more CAN (Child Abuse and Neglect Clearance) forms to complete.  We made a list of 6 more things to complete!  Only 6 more things!!!  June and July have been chock full of paperwork and Adoption errands but we are finally getting close to finishing the Home Study paperwork!!!  Yipeee!   We pushed hard to finish all the paperwork before Cary starts back to school in August!  We just might make it!!!  Of course there is always the dreaded……Oh, we forgot you need to…….

One of the things on our checklist was to get the boys – our precious cats – to the vet for the update of their rabies shot.

The boys did great!  We are very proud of them!  They didn’t bite or fight at all.  That also tells us that they will be great with the kids when they come home!  We are very thankful for our wonderful vet, Dr. Ray Arnold!  He is so gentle and kind!  We met Dr. Ray and his wife at church – they are wonderful people and we are so blessed to know them!

We thank God for the progress that we are making on the Home Study and in raising the funds to bring our kids home!  Our next home visit is scheduled next week.  We are so happy to have finished our online Hague training, book reading, and online International Adoption training which completes our educational piece for the Home Study.  We will discuss all that with our Social Worker at the next and last Home Visit.  Just in time for the school year to start!  God is good!

Home Study and Fundraising Update

Today we have our 2nd Home Study meeting. This meeting consists of individual interviews about our autobiographies. She said it will only take about an hour and a half each! Wow! Condensing ones life to an hour and a half should be interesting. I guess we will just be giving the cliff notes – ha! But the trick is…..what does the other person do for an hour and a half in the waiting area????? We plan to take the nook, our Bible, MP3 player, and…..maybe the portable DVD player. That should keep us busy.

We have an update on our fundraising. We are very excited to announce that we have booked Taylor Mason, a Christian Comedian and Ventriloquist to come to Dothan on November 18 at 6:00 PM at Harvest Church on Fortner Street. Tickets will go on sale probably the first of September. We are so excited about this benefit show! We are seeking corporate sponsorship to help defray the cost of the show. Yesterday, we were blessed with our first donation to the show! Dothan’s Mayor, Mike Schmitz, gave us our first big donation! We are so grateful!!! Contact us if you would like more information about being a sponsor!

We are also working on another fundraiser – Puzzle Pieces. A friend of ours is going to paint a picture for us to use for the puzzle. She will be including some floral designs from Hungarian embroidery that we found. Once she has completed the painting, we will send it off to be made into a puzzle. We have seen several families doing a fund raiser like this for their adoption. Anyone who makes a donation to the Puzzle Pieces can either sign their name to the back of a piece, or we will sign it for you. Once the puzzle is finished, we will hang it in the kids room to show them all the people that helped bring them home!

We will post updates about these fundraisers as we are able! We thank everyone who has already given to help us bring our children home. If you would like to be a part of this blessings, click the donate button on this page! God bless you!

God’s Heart: Adoption [video]

Every 2 seconds an orphan dies of malnutrition.

Every 2.2 seconds a child ages out of the system (orphanage – age 16 and foster care age 18) and has no place to go, no skills, and no one to turn to. They are given about $20 and sometimes a ride to the shelter.

One study reported that of 15,000 orphans aging out of state-run institutions every year, about 1,000 committed suicide, 5,000 were unemployed, 6,000 were homeless and 3,000 were in prison within three years…

 According to the “Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life,” in 2010 there were 2.18 billion Christians around the world, nearly a third of the global population. 

So if there are so many Christians in the world, why are there so many orphans, and so many people alone and suffering????

Matthew 25: 35-36
For I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink, I was a stranger and you brought Me in and welcomed Me, I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited Me.

information taken from “Facts and Statistics” from “Orphan Hope International”

Music Fund Raiser

We have Tony’s Cd’s for sale as one of our fund raisers. There are two Cd’s available. “I Lean on You Lord” and “Heaven’s My Home”
Each CD is $15 plus $2 per CD for shipping and handling. You can use the donate button on the Donate page to pay with paypal – please be sure to note which cd you would like and your mailing information. Thanks for helping us along our adoption journey!!!

The songs below are from “I Lean on You Lord”

Songs on “I Lean on You Lord” – I Lean on You Lord, His Hand in Mine, In the Garden, High and Lifted Up, What a Healing Jesus, Build My Mansion, Every Need Supplied, When He was on the Cross, Over the Door, Holy Ground

The following song is from the CD “Heaven’s My Home”

Songs on “Heaven’s My Home” – Standing in the Presence of the King, Serenaded by Angels, Look For Me, Isn’t He Wonderful, The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference, Who Am I, His Eye is on the Sparrow, He Can, We Shall See Jesus, I Will Talk to my Father

First Home Study Visit

Today was our first Home Study home visit.  We worked hard to prepare the house, clean, mow, prepare ourselves, and worry……..  No, one is not supposed to worry about the home visits, but we did.  We wanted to have everything be just right……and it was.  Our social worker is as sweet as sippin sweet tea on a porch swing!  She was so kind and encouraging.  Here we had worked and fretted and worked and the only thing she said we needed to do…..besides MORE paperwork……………………..is to buy a fire extinguisher.

That’s it?????   A fire extinguisher?

That’s it.

Ok!  Wow.  That was easy!  She was actually very impressed with our preparations and told us that we are ahead of schedule on the paperwork.  She said she was impressed and that we should move right along with our Home Study.  Whew!!!!!  God blessed us with a wonderful visit and a wonderful social worker!  We are so thankful!



God has blessed us and continues to prepare the way for the birth of a family through adoption!  We look forward to all the things He has in store for us!!!!