First Home Study Visit

Today was our first Home Study home visit.  We worked hard to prepare the house, clean, mow, prepare ourselves, and worry……..  No, one is not supposed to worry about the home visits, but we did.  We wanted to have everything be just right……and it was.  Our social worker is as sweet as sippin sweet tea on a porch swing!  She was so kind and encouraging.  Here we had worked and fretted and worked and the only thing she said we needed to do…..besides MORE paperwork…………………… to buy a fire extinguisher.

That’s it?????   A fire extinguisher?

That’s it.

Ok!  Wow.  That was easy!  She was actually very impressed with our preparations and told us that we are ahead of schedule on the paperwork.  She said she was impressed and that we should move right along with our Home Study.  Whew!!!!!  God blessed us with a wonderful visit and a wonderful social worker!  We are so thankful!



God has blessed us and continues to prepare the way for the birth of a family through adoption!  We look forward to all the things He has in store for us!!!!


One thought on “First Home Study Visit

  1. Yes! So glad it went well. You guys must be pleased to hear that you are so far ahead in the paperwork! We are a bit behind – having trouble getting our medicals, and we still haven’t filed our 2011 taxes since D is self-employed (it takes forever!). Hopefully we’ll catch up soon. As you read, we, too, were surprised with how non-invasive this process feels. It’s a breeze!

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