Orphans can become anything if given the chance!

There are children all over the world who are lost, alone, hurting, and in so much need.  Every child deserves the chance to have a life of hope.  We have the ability to give them a life! Adoption means giving them a home, loving them, and most importantly teaching them about Jesus – so they will have a hope and a future.  God has great plans for EVERY child.  We can be part of the plan by caring for orphans.  I have heard people say “they’ll never amount to anything.”  Without our help orphans don’t have a future. Adoption is a beautiful thing.

Here are a few people that have lived in an orphanage, lived in foster care, adopted by a step parent, or been adopted.  They became famous.  It is not about where you come from but about who you become!

Babe Ruth – baseball player                                                       Christina Crawford – author

Dave Thomas – entrepreneur: founder of Wendy’s

Faith Daniels – news anchor                                                         Faith Hill – country singer

Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady

George Washington Carver – inventor                                                      Jamie Foxx – actor

Jesse Jackson – minister                                                                             Jesus – Our Savior

Jett Williams – country singer                                                             John Lennon – musician

Michael Reagan – author, talk show host

Marilyn Monroe – actress

Melissa Gilbert – actress

Moses – Biblical leader                                                               Nancy Reagan – First Lady

Nelson Mandela – politician                                                              President Gerald Ford

President William Clinton                                                               Priscilla Presley – actress

Ray Liotta – actor                                                                         Sarah McLachlan – singer

Scott Hamilton – figure skater

Steve Jobs – entrepreneur: co-founder of Apple computer

Tim McGraw – country singer

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