Computer Glitch

We are currently waiting for our Home Study to be typed and our clearances to come back so that we can submit the Home Study to Immigration.  Waiting is the hard part!  We are paper pregnant……waiting on the paperwork so that we can go get our kids!  Just like in pregnancy, there are several “stages” of paperwork to get through.  This is stage one and it is taking longer than we had hoped, but we trust God.



Tony’s fingerprint check came back about 2 weeks ago but Cary’s had not come, so Tony made a call to Birmingham.  They said, “We had a computer glitch and Cary’s paperwork got caught in it and has not been processed.”  But, they said they had found Cary’s fingerprints – that is good news!  Tony is supposed to call back on Monday to make sure that things are running smoothly again!  We are trying to wait patiently and trust in Father God and His timing.  He knows exactly what time each part of this process needs to be finished!



In the meantime, Tony will be going to Dothan this week to work with Harvest Church on printing the tickets to our Taylor Mason show on November 18th!  We are so excited about the upcoming show.  God has already blessed us with $2500 in corporate sponsorship to pay for the show and we have lots of people who are ready to buy tickets!!!  God is good!  We have had some wonderful people purchase puzzle pieces too!  We are so blessed!  And some wonderful people at Cary’s school and friends and relatives have purchased from our Fun Pasta sale (ends August 31st).  We have raised some money with our Coffee Sale too.

We are amazed daily at the people that God has put in our lives that have blessed us and our children!  We are so grateful to each person that has helped us and is helping us reach our fundraising goal so we can bring home our precious children!  We know that God will bless each of you in a very special way!  We thank you with all of our hearts!!!!

Be a piece of the puzzle

We are pleased to reveal a beautiful painting!  We asked a dear friend at church to paint us a special picture for our children.  She is a wonderful artist and she agreed.  We sent her some pictures we had found online of Hungarian art, colors, embroidery flowers, etc.  We told her we wanted it to be child-like and include at least one butterfly.  She painted a picture that was perfect!  It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it!  We thank Mary Heinemann with all of our hearts for the beautiful picture!

Now, we invite you to be a piece of the puzzle that will give children a forever home!  We are going to make a copy of this beautiful painting and send it off to be made into a puzzle (about 500 pieces).  We are looking for people to donate $20 to our puzzle.  For each $20 donation, we will put your name on the back of a piece of this puzzle and begin to assemble it (that may be the tricky part :-)).

If you have ever done any research about adoption, you know that it is very expensive (but oh so worth it!).  We will be using the money from the puzzle piece fundraiser to help pay for the next 3 payments to our Agency, Lifeline Children’s Service, and also the fee for our paperwork at Immigration.  One of the payments and the check to Immigration is due soon.  All together these fees are over $6000.  When we have the puzzle finished, we are going to frame it in a way that we will be able to see all of the names of the people who helped us put the puzzle together and bring our little ones home.  We will be able to tell our children how much God loves them and how He used all of these wonderful people to care for them even before we met them!  We will be able to show them how much they were loved!  We will also look at these  names and pray for those who lifted us up!  We thank you in advance for joining us in caring for “the least of these.”  We pray that God will richly and abundantly bless you for reaching out in love to His children!

Here’s what to do……..If you would like to be part of our puzzle….you can click the Donate button and make a $20 donation for each puzzle piece – be sure to notate that it is for a puzzle piece and include the way you want your name/names written.  You can also send your check to….Haleburg United Methodist Church Adoption Fund, c/o Pastor Tony and Cary Rosetta, 4A Merion Drive, Eufaula, AL 36027.  If you send a check, you will receive a tax receipt by mail so be sure to include your return address.  Please include a note that it is for the Puzzle and the way you want your name/names to be written.  When you donate, please let us know in a comment to this post so that we can thank you and pray for you!

Thank you for helping us!!  God bless you!

I once was lost……….

This mornings service at church was awesome.  My husband is the pastor, so I am a little partial to his sermons, but as always, it was great!

His scripture this morning was Ezekiel 34: 1-16.  I was inspired by the message and thought I would share it.

And the Word of the Lord came to me saying.  Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel.  You eat the fat, you clothe yourselves with wool, but you do not feed the sheep. (There seems to be a sheep theme lately.  Read God provides the grass we need.)

The diseased and weak you have not strengthened, the hurt and crippled you have not bandaged, those gone astray you have not brought back, the lost you have not sought to find, but with force and hardhearted harshness you have ruled them.  (This describes how many orphans and children on the streets are treated)  And they were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered they became food for the wild beasts of the field.  My sheep wandered through all the mountains and upon every high hill.  My sheep were scattered upon all the face of the earth and no one searched or sought for them.

11  For thus says the Lord God.  Behold, I Myself, will search for My sheep and will seek them out.  As a shepherd seeks out his sheep in the day that he is among his flock that are scattered, so will I seek out My sheep and I will rescue them out of all the places where they have been scattered.  And I will bring them out from the peoples and gather them from the countries and will bring them to their own land and I will feed them…I will feed them with the good pasture and upon the high mountains…

16  I will seek that which was lost and bring back that which has strayed, and I will bandage the hurt and the crippled and will strengthen the weak and the sick……


I pray daily for the orphans and the children who are in some kind of bondage or who are living in the streets.  This scripture gives me so much hope.  I long to love and care for the orphans, but even more than I long to do so…..Jesus does.  God will heal them and will look for them and will rescue them!  God’s heart breaks for these, His children.

Today, Tony used this scripture to remind us that we are to care for all of the outcast among us.  If there is someone who is hurting, sick, lonely, hungry, etc, we are to reach out and care for them.  Every day, God puts someone in our path that He wants to love through us.  We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Not everyone is called to care for the orphans, but you can help support someone who is called to care for the orphans (God’s Heart: Adoption).  Not all of us are called to minister to the elderly, but we can pray for them, send a card, or support someone who cares for them.  Not everyone is called to be an evangelist, but we can love those around us, even if they are considered unlovely by the rest of the world.  As the body of Christ, we are to be taking care of each other, and especially the lost sheep.  God doesn’t give up on anyone!!!!


Home Study Visits……..

Yippeee!!!  We had our last home study visit yesterday and it went great!  We have the sweetest and greatest Social Worker!  God truly blessed us with her!

Notice in the picture, the notebook is closed!  No more questions!!!!!

Now our Social Worker will type up our home study and wait for the last of our clearances to come back.  Once that is done, our Home Study will be sent off to immigration for approval!!!!!  We are one step closer to meeting and bringing home our precious ones!!!!  Thank you God for each step!  Thank you God for providing just Enough Grass for Now!

God provides the grass we need for right now

Last night at church we watched a video about Psalm 23.  In the video, we saw a group of sheep being led by a real shepherd in Israel.  Ray Vanderlaan explained in the video that the shepherd, leads the sheep to enough grass to “fill their mouths.”  That means that they get what they need for right now.  The sheep don’t worry, because they know that when they need to eat again, the shepherd will know where to lead them to find food.  The shepherd always leads them to safe water and food when it is time.

We want to be that kind of sheep to our Shepherd.  We want to patiently and trustingly wait on the Shepherd to provide and care for us.  We know that the Shepherd is leading us in this adoption process and He will provide for us as we need it.  Yesterday, we got a call in response to the letters that we sent out.  Another business in Dothan has written a check to sponsor our upcoming Taylor Mason show on November 18th at Harvest Church!  That means that half of our expenses for the show have been provided for by Corporate Sponsors in Dothan!!!!  God has provided!  We still need $2000 to provide for the show, but we know that God will provide the grass we need as we need it!  We are expecting that the money raised from the show will cover our money needed for Hungarian court and travel and expenses while in Hungary.  We also need to make 3 more payments to Lifeline.  But we know that God will lead us to the right place at the right time to meet our needs!  If you would like to help, please see our Donate page or Donate Now button.  We are also working on a puzzle piece fundraiser and will be able to share that with everyone very soon!

We have our last Home Study Visit tomorrow!  Then the waiting begins for all of the government entities to process and approve our paperwork.  That will be the hard part…….we have no control over that part.  But again I am reminded of the sheep and the Shepherd.  The Good Shepherd leads us to the right places at the right time.  The Good Shepherd knows the land – He knows what is ahead.  He knows where the good grass grows and He knows where the safe water is found.  He knows where the rocks and cliffs are and keeps us safe when we listen for His voice and follow Him.

The video mentioned earlier also talked about how the sheep watch the shepherd’s feet.  We are to watch the feet of Jesus and follow after Him.  In the video, it showed how children (young girls) are the shepherdesses that walk behind the sheep and that young teenage boys (under-shepherds) go in front for the sheep to follow, but the father is usually standing nearby watching.  The scripture says that God goes before us, behind us and around us.  He is always watching and caring for us.  One woman in the video said that she felt like the under-shepherd to her children.  That she should be the example of the feet to follow for her own children.  That is so true.  God is entrusting these siblings to our care.  What an honor and privileged!  We have to walk in such a way that our children can imitate our feet to know and be like Jesus.


In the video, Ray Vanderlaan also took his group to see an Acacia tree.  The Bible talks about a tree that is growing in the streams of water in Psalm 1.  But Ray takes them to a tree in a dry valley.   This area is flooded by water only during a heavy rain that runs down the mountain and fill the valley.

This doesn’t happen often, but it means that there is water running under the ground in this valley.  This tree has tapped in to the underground water.  There is not any visible water in this picture, but there is evidence of water!  The tree is proof that it has tapped into a stream of water.  Ray Vanderlaan explained in the video that we are to be the evidence that we are tapped into God.  Our lives should be living proof of our loving God.  We should be the fruit that extends to a dying world.  What does that mean?  For us, it means caring for the orphans.  It means loving each other and loving those around us.  It means sharing the love of God in tangible ways every day.   It means that we sink our roots down deep in Father God and spend time knowing Him intimately and deeply.  It means taking time each day to study with our Father and talk to our Father and walk with our Father.  It means trusting and being steadfast in His Word.  It means being a sacrificial example of His love every day.  It means knowing how much Father God loves us.  It means knowing Him and being known by Him.