Home Study Visits……..

Yippeee!!!  We had our last home study visit yesterday and it went great!  We have the sweetest and greatest Social Worker!  God truly blessed us with her!

Notice in the picture, the notebook is closed!  No more questions!!!!!

Now our Social Worker will type up our home study and wait for the last of our clearances to come back.  Once that is done, our Home Study will be sent off to immigration for approval!!!!!  We are one step closer to meeting and bringing home our precious ones!!!!  Thank you God for each step!  Thank you God for providing just Enough Grass for Now!


2 thoughts on “Done!

  1. So very happy for you and your lovely wife. God is with you all the way with your adoption of the little children! Our prayers will be with you all the way. What wonderful parents you two will be! This is just soooooo exciting. God will bless you two!

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