Computer Glitch

We are currently waiting for our Home Study to be typed and our clearances to come back so that we can submit the Home Study to Immigration.  Waiting is the hard part!  We are paper pregnant……waiting on the paperwork so that we can go get our kids!  Just like in pregnancy, there are several “stages” of paperwork to get through.  This is stage one and it is taking longer than we had hoped, but we trust God.



Tony’s fingerprint check came back about 2 weeks ago but Cary’s had not come, so Tony made a call to Birmingham.  They said, “We had a computer glitch and Cary’s paperwork got caught in it and has not been processed.”  But, they said they had found Cary’s fingerprints – that is good news!  Tony is supposed to call back on Monday to make sure that things are running smoothly again!  We are trying to wait patiently and trust in Father God and His timing.  He knows exactly what time each part of this process needs to be finished!



In the meantime, Tony will be going to Dothan this week to work with Harvest Church on printing the tickets to our Taylor Mason show on November 18th!  We are so excited about the upcoming show.  God has already blessed us with $2500 in corporate sponsorship to pay for the show and we have lots of people who are ready to buy tickets!!!  God is good!  We have had some wonderful people purchase puzzle pieces too!  We are so blessed!  And some wonderful people at Cary’s school and friends and relatives have purchased from our Fun Pasta sale (ends August 31st).  We have raised some money with our Coffee Sale too.

We are amazed daily at the people that God has put in our lives that have blessed us and our children!  We are so grateful to each person that has helped us and is helping us reach our fundraising goal so we can bring home our precious children!  We know that God will bless each of you in a very special way!  We thank you with all of our hearts!!!!


2 thoughts on “Computer Glitch

  1. Tony and Cary – we received your lovely thank you card this weekend! How toughtful – we can’t wait to see the puzzle once it’s complete.
    Here’s hoping your computer glitch works out before long!

  2. The computer glitch sounds frustrating, but at least it’s being worked out. Sounds like you have the right perspective on the timing. I appreciated the reminder. 🙂 I’m glad to hear your fundraising efforts are proving successful. 🙂 Congrats.

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