Praise the Lord!!!  My fingerprints finally got “unstuck” from the computer glitch – thanks to many phone calls from my husband!  We got the approval letter today!  Yay!  So, our home study is almost complete!!!  We are in the process of completing the Dossier.

Praise the Lord!  Our upcoming show Taylor Mason is coming along and we are praying for a sell out crowd!  We have had several corporate sponsors and we are so grateful!  We are handing out fliers and posters and promoting this great family event!  Please share if you know someone in the area!  We are thankful to Faith Radio, one of the local Christian radio stations, for planning to interview Taylor Mason about the show.

Praise the Lord!  We have had several wonderful people support our adoption by buying a puzzle piece!  Our puzzle is beautiful!  We thank God for each dear person that helps us bring our kids home when they buy a puzzle piece or donate!  Thank you!!!

Praise the Lord!  Our adoption is progressing.  God’s hand is on our process!  God is moving our journey along faster than we had expected!  We are praying for the finances to come in time for us to travel and to meet each payment need as it arrives.  We know that “With God, nothing is impossible!”  We are so thankful for everything that God has done and is doing!  God is awesome!  Please share our blog or The Rosetta’s Adoption Facebook page and help us raise the money needed to complete our adoption!  Thank you to all of those who have and are helping us bring our kids home!  God bless you!!!


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