Making Preparations

We have been working hard to prepare the kids room.  We put in a new floor and the furniture arrived!!!  We have done some shopping to get their room ready for them!  We can’t wait to bring them home! Daddy has become quite the handy man and Mommy is so proud of him!  This is a labor of love!

We have had fun shopping and making lists of things for the kids.  We have found a few things that we think the kids will enjoy.  The videos of the kids gave us information about their likes and interests.  We are in the process of making a Walmart Wish List of things we need for the kids.  This is the kind of shopping we have been dreaming about!!!!



We have been matched!  God is bringing a beautiful 6 year old girl named Dorina and a handsome 5 year old boy named Tibor  into our family!  We are so very excited!  We are head over heals in love with these beautiful children!  We have seen their pictures, medical reports and a few videos of them!  We get chills and tears every time we look at their beautiful faces!!!!  We have been preparing their room and gathering the things we need for them.  We have been having such fun!  We are almost finished with their room!  These are the very special bears we made at Build A Bear workshop for our kids!  We can’t wait to give the bears to our precious children!

We need your help and prayers!  We will be traveling in mid January (God willing).  That is a few months sooner than we had anticipated.  This is wonderful news and we are so excited!  We are working to get everything in order for the trip to Hungary.  We would appreciate greatly your prayers as we prepare.  We also need your help in getting the funds we need to travel.  We will have to have the funds in late December which is quickly approaching.  We also found out that Hungary will require about $9000 more than we expected.  We are confident that God will provide!  We are trusting Him to bring in all of the funds at just the right time!  He has brought us this far!  We thank you for your prayers!  Please share our blog, facebook page, and story and help us raise the funds we need to go get our son and daughter!  We are still in need of about $33000.  Thank you and God bless you!

I will post more soon about the exciting things that we have done to prepare for our son and daughter!  God bless!

Making Progress

We have been working hard on our fundraising efforts!  Tony has been busy sending out information about our Taylor Mason show!  Here is the picture of  some of the MANY letters and information he has sent out to local churches!  So excited about this event!  Tickets are now on sale!!!  Purchase your tickets at the JOY FM , Dove Christian Supply,
any Goldfingers location, Harvest Church office and online at the Harvest Church web page!  Please feel free to pass along this information if you know someone in the area!

We have our bio-metric fingerprint appointment coming up.  That means we are another step closer to bringing our kids home!  We are getting ever closer and so excited!!!

We are so thankful to God for a recent $1000 Pastoral Grant that our Social Worker and Agency helped us apply to receive.  We received the grant!!!   We need to raise all of our funds by the end of the year and every dollar counts!  Praise the Lord!!!  We have applied for another grant and will hear back from them in December.  “God will supply all of our needs!”  We trust in God!  We see His hand all along the way!  To God be the Glory!!!!