Making Progress

We have been working hard on our fundraising efforts!  Tony has been busy sending out information about our Taylor Mason show!  Here is the picture of  some of the MANY letters and information he has sent out to local churches!  So excited about this event!  Tickets are now on sale!!!  Purchase your tickets at the JOY FM , Dove Christian Supply,
any Goldfingers location, Harvest Church office and online at the Harvest Church web page!  Please feel free to pass along this information if you know someone in the area!

We have our bio-metric fingerprint appointment coming up.  That means we are another step closer to bringing our kids home!  We are getting ever closer and so excited!!!

We are so thankful to God for a recent $1000 Pastoral Grant that our Social Worker and Agency helped us apply to receive.  We received the grant!!!   We need to raise all of our funds by the end of the year and every dollar counts!  Praise the Lord!!!  We have applied for another grant and will hear back from them in December.  “God will supply all of our needs!”  We trust in God!  We see His hand all along the way!  To God be the Glory!!!!


One thought on “Making Progress

  1. I don’t know how close you guys are to the USCIS headquarters in your state, but you can try waking in if you want to expedite things! A friend of ours was able to go weeks early; she just brought her appointment letter and they took her first thing. That’s what we are planning to do as soon as our appointment letter arrives. Glad things are move forward for you!

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