Making Preparations

We have been working hard to prepare the kids room.  We put in a new floor and the furniture arrived!!!  We have done some shopping to get their room ready for them!  We can’t wait to bring them home! Daddy has become quite the handy man and Mommy is so proud of him!  This is a labor of love!

We have had fun shopping and making lists of things for the kids.  We have found a few things that we think the kids will enjoy.  The videos of the kids gave us information about their likes and interests.  We are in the process of making a Walmart Wish List of things we need for the kids.  This is the kind of shopping we have been dreaming about!!!!



4 thoughts on “Making Preparations

  1. Love the room – those are some lucky kids! It’s neat that they can share (it is a shared room, correct?). In our state, DCYF requires that only same-sex kids bunk together – one of the several reasons we decided to adopt two girls. I think sharing a room with my teenage stepson would make an adoptive child want to go straight back to Ukraine! ha ha
    Congrats on getting to this stage; now the fun begins!

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