Official Referral……

We have been waiting anxiously the last 3 weeks for the email we received today!  The Hungarian Court system officially proposed (the official referral from Hungary) that we adopt Tibor and Dorina!!!!!!  I cried when I read the email during my break today.  I was so excited to call Tony and tell him, but the Agency had already called to tell him.  We are so very happy!  It is official!  We get to adopt Dorina and Tiobr and make them ours!  We have fallen head over heals in love with them as we watch them in the videos and look at their sweet faces in the pictures!  We are so proud!!!!  God has blessed us beyond measure!  We are still waiting to hear the travel date but we are still looking at leaving in January!  Thank you Father God!!!!

Coming Together

Our Puzzle Fundraiser is coming together thanks to so many of you who have donated to help us give Dorina and Tibor a forever family!

If you or someone you know is considering giving a tax deductable year end gift – please consider our Adoption Fund.  Send your check to

Haleburg United Methodist Church Adoption Fund
c/o Pastor Tony and Cary Rosetta
4A Merion Drive
Eufaula, AL 36027

Please share this information if you know of anyone interested in giving.  Help us complete our puzzle and complete our goal before we travel in January!  We are so thankful for each person represented on this puzzle!  God has blessed us and we thank Him daily for each precious name on the back of this puzzle!  Please consider being a piece of the puzzle that unites us with our precious children!!!  God bless!


Show Pictures

Here are some of the pictures we took at the Night of Hope show with Taylor Mason!  What an awesome evening of fellowship and laughter!  We were able to share information about adoption and work together to share Hope!  We are truly thankful for the wonderful turnout and all those who helped make it a blessed event!


What a Great Show!

Last nights show was amazing!  Taylor Mason is so talented and an awesome Christian guy!  Thanks so much to everyone who came!  We had an awesome evening!  We don’t have a count yet – but what a great crowd!  We are so thankful for everyone who came and for all of the great donations we received yesterday!  Thanks to “The Big House, Orphan Advocates, Lifeline Children’s Services, and Wiregrass Children’s Home” for setting up booths and sharing about your ministry!  We raised awareness!  Thank you to all who bought a ticket, sponsored the show (Goldfingers, Harvest Church, Mike Schmitz and Marcia Hudson Ministries), and donated – you are helping families adopt!!!!  Here is the video we showed last night.

We thank you Father God for a successful night and for all of the great things to come!!!!!  Father God, You are awesome!


We have our big Fundraiser coming up this Sunday!  We are praying for a sell out show and many blessings!  We are so excited about this show.  We were able to get sponsorship for several children from DHR and the Wiregrass Children’s Home to attend the show.  We are so grateful to all of our sponsors!  We have Lifeline Children’s Services, Big House Foundation, Wiregrass Children’s Home and Orphan Advocate Group coming to set up booths and give information.  This month is Adoption Awareness Month and we want to provide opportunities for people to ask questions and find out more information about adoption.  We are excited about how God has put all of this together.  We still have tickets available and tickets will be for sale at the door.  If you know someone who is in the area – tell them about it and if you cant come but would like to make a donation, click here.

We have been working hard to finish up things in the house and prepare things for the kids.  We watch their videos often and pray for our Dorina and Tibor daily!  We are still planning to travel in mid January.  All of our paperwork should be going through Hungarian court and we should have official approval in the next few days!

We have applied for some grant money and know that God will be faithful to provide the finances that we need to make all of our deadlines.  We can’t believe how close we are to the end of the year and that means that we are getting close to bringing home our precious children!  Please continue to pray with us about travel plans, final approvals, funds available when needed and for our children as they prepare for this large transition.  We pray daily for the foster family that they are living with and for Dorina and Tibor as they prepare for this transition.  We know that God is already working in their hearts as He has in ours.

Thank you for your encouraging comments and prayers!  We will post pictures from our show after Sunday!  So excited to meet Taylor Mason and see what God will do!!!