Inside Activities

DSCN2469This week we have tried to stay busy inside.  The weather outside has been snowy, rainy, and cold.  We took a few short walks, but Tibi doesn’t like wind in his face so we don’t stay out for long.

We brought out the bubbles yesterday.  They enjoyed this very much!  They tried blowing them higher, catching them, and popping them.  They know how to say “Tibi’s turn and Dorina’s turn” and are really pretty good at taking turns now.  We are working on sharing and using a nice voice when we talk to each other.  They really are picking up on our rules very quickly.

Yesterday was rainy and gloomy, so Daddy popped us some popcorn and played the Lorax movie on his computer.  The children love popcorn and when the movie was over they asked us to play it again!

We have played with Playdough every day.  They enjoy making things for Mommy and Daddy.  We also sing lots of songs.  They almost know all of the ABC song now and they still love the “Wheels on the Bus.”  We have practiced cutting shapes and letters.  Dorina is very good at cutting out shapes and Tibi is trying very hard.  We write words and letters.  Yesterday I had them tell me a word in English to write and they copied it.  They love the names of the Seasame Street characters and names of animals.  They know so much English already!

Today was nice outside so we went for a long walk.  The children are doing so good at accepting when we say no or later.  At first they would cry and pout but now they just go on.

As I am typing, Tibi asked me how to hold the Playdough scissors.  He is always asking how to say something or how to do it correctly.  He loves learning!  Yesterday we started learning our colors.  Now whenever we see a label or sign, the children try to name the colors and any letters that they see on it.  They are learning so much!  We are so proud!

We are pleased that the children are enjoying our routine.  They look forward to supper, then bath time  then we watch Sesame Street or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and then we cuddle and they fall asleep.  They wake each morning and Tibi comes to find us and say “Good Morning Mommy.  Good Morning Daddy.”  He always wakes up happy!  We are proud of how many different foods they have tried and how many they enjoy eating.  Last night Daddy made us fish sticks and macaroni and cheese (from scratch).  The kids tried it and loved it!  They even tried some of the wax beans that Daddy made!  The children love the “Apples and Bananas” song and then they like to eat apples and bananas and oranges!

DSCN2471We have to post a picture of our little particular sorter!  Dorina sorts her foods and eats one section at a time.  She is very particular about how things go.  She wants things in a certain order and in a certain way.  She sorts her peanuts into halves and wholes and eats one section at a time!  She is so sweet!

We have a star chart that we use as a reward.  They are so proud to get stars for trying foods and helping and following directions.  They are really good kids and we are enjoying our time as a family.  We hope the weather improves so that we can do some more outside activities.  We thank God for all of the wonderful things the children have learned and how loving and sweet they are.  We thank God for our time together as a family.  We thank all of the people who continue to pray for us – we feel your prayers!  We thank God for our little family!


DSCN2468We have found lots of activities to keep us busy inside.  It is cold outside and it snowed last night.  We have used water bottles and a little ball to play bowling.  We built a fort yesterday and they built it again today.  We like to watch Seasame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Youtube.  We used an old calendar to cut and paste pictures of animals.  We like to make things with Playdough.  We write letters and shapes.  We play Go Fish with a deck of cards and learn numbers and letters.  We play the Memory Game that we brought along.  We play restaurant with kitchen dishes.  The children love bathtime and playing with the rubber duckies we bought.  The children’s favorite thing to do is to sing!  We sing lots of songs.

The children have learned lots of English.  Our favorite thing to hear them say is “Tibi loves Mommy.  Tibi loves Daddy.  Dorina loves Mommy.  Dorina loves Daddy.  Thank you God for this food.  Thank you God for Mommy.  Thank you God for Daddy.  Thank you God for Tibi.  Thank you God for Dorina!”

Last night Dorina asked Mommy “What is in America?”  She wanted me to tell her the English word!  They both count to 12 in English.  They sing “The Wheels on the Bus” and the phrase “Stop, in the name of love” (Daddy taught them this phrase).  They sing “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep”.  They are learning the “ABC” song.  They like to play Go Fish with cards and the Memory Game that we brought along.  At night they like to watch Seasame Street and then cuddle up with Mommy and Daddy to go to sleep.  They take turns cuddling with either Mommy or Daddy.  They love to give sweet little kisses and lots of hugs.  We are so blessed!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATibi is a very caring and compassionate child.  He likes to stroke Mommy and Daddy’s back and hand just like we stroke his.  He even hugs and kisses Dorina.  Dorina is a little Boss.  She likes to tell everyone how to do it!  She doesn’t like it when we do it for her.  We try to find things for us to do and ways for her to help us.  She likes to help Mommy do laundry in the bathtub and hang it on the heater to dry.  She likes to help Daddy cook.  She likes things clean and in order.  She gets very upset when something is out of place.  Yesterday, she sorted her snack of peanuts into the ones that were broken and the ones that were whole.  She ate the broken ones first and then she ate the whole ones!  She is very particular – like Daddy!  🙂

Tibi loves to learn.  He likes to repeat all of the English words we use.  Daddy even taught “Hasta La Vista Baby”!  Everything Daddy does, Tibi wants to do!  He also likes to say “Hootin Nanny”.  Tibi loves his Daddy and Mommy!  Dorina does too!

We are having such a good time being a family.  It is exhausting to try to understand another language every day and we so miss our family and friends who speak English  :-).  We miss our Cats and our beds and we really miss ice!!!!  But God blesses us everyday.  We see how much the children are learning and how much fun they have!  We thank God for our wonderful family.

Our New Life

DSCN2431We got to the apartment yesterday.  It is a very primitive European apartment.  But it does have much more space than the hotel and it has a kitchen and a table.  The bed – actually pull out sofa – is not comfortable at all!  But I found a few extra blankets and pillows to try to soften it up a little bit.  The shower is also a challenge.  There is not a shower curtain and the shower head is about belly button level.  You can hold it up a little higher but it is not the easiest way to shower!  Oh the adventures we are living and the memories we are making!

Today was a fun day.  We ate some breakfast this morning and then took a walk.  We found a little grocery where we can buy some things to make meals.  Then we went back and had some playtime.  The children did some coloring today and drawing.  Then Mommy got out some of the kitchen things, and the children had a blast!  They played with their dolls, cars, made lunch for Mommy and had a fun time.  We also played with Playdough today.  They didn’t seem to know what it was but they loved it once they tried it!  We made letters and animals and faces, and shapes with our Playdough.  Then we used the race cars to race to 5 pictures cars.  They learned bed, pie, sheep, cake, and boat today.  We also had snack time, lunch, and right now Daddy is making spaghetti and the children are taking turns helping Daddy!  It is beautiful to see them work together!  Awwww!!!

We are trying to teach the children right and wrong and how to share.  We are trying to start good habits for them.  They are learning very quickly!  The children enjoy saying our little prayer together before each meal while we hold hands.  “Thank you God for this food” is our little prayer.  They enjoy the routine that we have started.

Thank you to all of you who are praying for us!  We feel your prayers!  We thank God daily!  God has done so much for us!

Gotcha Day!

DSCN2402Monday, January 21, 2013 was a day that we have dreamed of for a long time. We went to get the children and then went to the Directors office to sign the papers for custody. Then we brought them back to the hotel with us! We love them so much!

There were a few tears but we were able to get them involved in lots of activities! We had sandwiches for lunch and Daddy got us pizza for dinner. They both loved their bath time with their nesw rubber duckie family! Then we did some quiet activities. There were some tears at bedtime but Mommy and Daddy cuddled and kissed and sang, and prayed over them. We rocked them and then they curled up with Mommy and Daddy and slept all night long!

We love being a family! We thank You, Father God for your many wonderful blessings, for your wonderful wisdom and grace, and for all the blessings to come!


DSCN2392Today when we arrived, we packed the children’s toys and clothes for tomorrow.  The children were so excited!  They helped pack and made sure that Mommy packed their favorite things!  The foster mother was so kind!  Tibor tried to be a strong man and carry the suitcase down the stairs – but he needed some help.  So cute!

Then we took the children to Tesko – like Walmart – to shop for a few things they would need tomorrow night.  They were so good in the store.  We picked out shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and some craft items to work with.  The children were very excited.

Then we were off to eat lunch at McDonalds!!!  The children love french fries!!!  They wanted to sing “Wheels on the Bus” again today.  So precious.  So we sang.  Tibor keeps asking for one verse – “The horn on the bus goes beep beep beep!”  He loves to sing along on that verse- over and over and over again!  We love to hear him sing with us!  Dorina sings many of the words correctly in English already.  We love to sing together as a family!!!

Then we played our new game, Wobbly Chef again.  They love to play this game!  What a fun day.  Thank you Father for each hug and kiss and giggle and smile and all of the love we share!

Back at the foster home, the mother gave us precious pictures, little tokens from when they were little, and baby books from the children.  So sweet!

Tomorrow we get to bring them back to our hotel!  Oh we are so excited!  The children are excited too!  God is so good and has blessed us so much!  It has been a long and busy week – but so many wonderful memories!  Now to be a family!  Thank you Father!

DSCN2387Oh, By the way, yesterday was Laundry day – We had the hotel do our laundry when shortly after we arrived but it was too much, too much.  I did the laundry in the hotel room this time.  It was a new experience for me – I have never done laundry in the bathtub before!!!  ha!  The laundry soap we got at the grocery smelled great and the heater did a great job of drying things by morning!  The dry air here helped to make things dry quickly, quickly (as Adam would say) 🙂

Movie Day

movie dayToday we went to a 3D movie!  The children really enjoyed it.  Tibor was mesmerized   Dorina kept taking her glasses off – silly girl  🙂  The children love popcorn!  So do Daddy and Mommy!

We also taught the children how to play Uno today.  The children are so smart and picked up the game very quickly!  It is a great way for them to learn colors in English too!  They enjoyed playing with Mommy and Daddy.

In the van today, Mommy sang “The ABC song,” and “The Wheels on the Bus.”  The children giggles and listened intently.  They wanted Mommy to sing it again!  It was so much fun.  They also love to hear Daddy say, “Bubbles or Nem Bubbles?”  We have been so blessed this week!  Thank you Father God for each precious moment!

The children are tired after a very busy week.  One more day of visiting and then we get to bring them to the hotel with us.  Each day has been filled with fun, learning, memories, and lots of hugs and kisses!  We cherish every moment with them!  They are so precious!

A Day of Fun and Learning

Today we went to the mall, but we took learning activities and games with us!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe started by drawing pictures together.  The children did some wonderful drawings and Mommy and Daddy drew some pictures too!  We also got out a memory game today.  They picked up right away that they needed to match the cards.  We all took turns and the children loved it!  They love to say “Good Job” and “Oh no” in English.  They also know how to count to ten in English already!  They have picked up several words and phrases already!

We also bought a new game today.  We bought the Wobbly Chef.  You roll a dice and it tells you what to put on the chef’s plates.  You have to try to balance each plate or he falls over.  They loved this game!

We spent time tracing numbers and letters today and we named colors, numbers, and animals.  They love learning new words!  The children give us lots of wonderful hugs and kisses and have told us they love us in Hungarian!  We love them so!

The foster parents and our worker here are impressed how we are so kind and loving and how the children love us and love being with us! Adam says it is “wonderful, wonderful” that they children hug us and kiss us and want to always be with us!  God has done an amazing work in the children and in our family!  We are forever grateful to Father God!!!!


This is the picture that Mommy drew today. The children liked it.   Tibor and Dorina enjoyed saying “Daddy, Mommy, Dorina, Tibor” and Tibor points to each of us as we say it.  Ahhh – it warms our hearts so!



Daddy bowling w kidsToday we took the children bowling! They have never been bowling before. It was amazing to watch Daddy teaching them to bowl and then watching them run into his arms and give him big hugs today! It was a beautiful picture! We had so much fun! Tibor tried to imitate everything that Daddy did. After Daddy bowled, Tibor put his leg up in the air like Daddy did… was soooo cute! After Daddy would help Tibor, he would put his hand gently on Daddy’s face….so sweet. There is a picture below of this. We also found out that Tibor is very competitive.

After bowling we had pizza and coke! Tibor was very hungry after all of that work at bowling! Tibor does everything in high speed! He is so cute!

After pizza, we played for a while at the play place and then went to their house. They were very tired. Today was another day filled with sweet kisses and lots of hugs! At their house, Daddy and Mommy and Dorina played balloons. Her smile and her giggle just warmed our heart! She had so much fun!

We thank God for this very special time of bonding! We thank God for the sweetness we feel when we are with the children. We feel His love and protection as He bonds our family together!

Tibor touches daddys face

Nyiregyhaza Mall

Today we couldn’t wait to get to the children.  They were waiting in the doorway, holding the dolls that we had brought them yesterday.  George said that the children slept with them last night.  So sweet.  They came right to us and were eager to hold our hands, sit on our laps, and hug us!

Dorina asked if they have Grandparents.  So sweet!  Yes – they do!  I showed them the pictures of their grandparents in the book that I made for the children.  The children let us help them get their coats on and get ready to leave.  They were excited and brought their new dolls along.  In the car we looked at their new book and said English words.

At the mall, Daddy sat with Tibor, while Mommy and Dorina looked at makeup!  Dorina would tell Mommy the word in Hungarian and Mommy would say it and then Mommy would tell Dorina the English word and Dorina would repeat it.  Then we went to get the children something to eat.  They ate chicken and potatoes.

After they ate, we went to the indoor play place.  We ran around, played in the box of balls, played peek-a-boo and played with all of the toys.  Dorina would call out for Mommy and Daddy when she couldn’t see us or needed help with something.  Tibor ran on high speed and would run into Daddy’s arms.  We got lots of hugs!  It was a special time!

Tibor hugs Daddy

Then we went to the Tesco which is like Walmart.  Dorina likes everything pink, purple, and sparkly!!!  She also loves Barbie and put one in her basket to take home. She wanted a Beauty and the Beast dress but I had to say not today.  We did get her a pretty pink princess coin purse that she hugged and loved.  Tibor likes action figures, spiderman, and everything musical!  Tibor picked out a matchbox race car to take home.

On the way home, Dorina reached for Mommy’s hand to hold and Tibor leaned his cheek up against Mommy’s.  We snuggled on the way home.  Dorina asked if she could go to our house tonight.  So hard to say goodbye…..can’t wait for tomorrow!  Tomorrow we will try bowling!

We thank God for these precious moments and for becoming a family!

Meeting Day

January 14, 2013 will be a day we will remember forever.  Today we went to meet our precious children!!!!  We spent many months praying for this day and praying for our sweet children.  God is faithful and gave us the most blessed day!

We arrived to the joyous sounds of children excited.  Dorina reached for my hand immediately   She squeezed it tightly and would not let go.  She took me directly up to her room.  Tibor and Daddy came up shortly.  We sat on Dorina’s bed and took out the Butterfly dolls that we had brought for the children.  They loved them!  We then went into Tibor’s room.  We played with cars and began to read books.  The children would point to a picture and we would make a gesture and/or  a sound to go with the picture (things like ducks, cars, cats, hats, etc).  The children thought it was funny and soon began to try to pronounce a few words and to imitate us.  It was so special.  We spent a few hours playing and then we went outside to see the puppy and play in the snow!  It was amazing!

Dorina took a pic of Anya Dorina takes apa picDorina called us Anya and Apa which means Mom and Dad.  She sat in my lap and took pictures with my camera. The pictures of us above are the pictures that Dorina took today.   Tibor took pictures with Tony’s camera and put his doll on Tony’s shoulder and head.  This mother and father have hearts that are full today!  The children are beautiful and are very smart!  We can’t wait to see them again tomorrow!!!!  God is sooooo good!