Nyiregyhaza Mall

Today we couldn’t wait to get to the children.  They were waiting in the doorway, holding the dolls that we had brought them yesterday.  George said that the children slept with them last night.  So sweet.  They came right to us and were eager to hold our hands, sit on our laps, and hug us!

Dorina asked if they have Grandparents.  So sweet!  Yes – they do!  I showed them the pictures of their grandparents in the book that I made for the children.  The children let us help them get their coats on and get ready to leave.  They were excited and brought their new dolls along.  In the car we looked at their new book and said English words.

At the mall, Daddy sat with Tibor, while Mommy and Dorina looked at makeup!  Dorina would tell Mommy the word in Hungarian and Mommy would say it and then Mommy would tell Dorina the English word and Dorina would repeat it.  Then we went to get the children something to eat.  They ate chicken and potatoes.

After they ate, we went to the indoor play place.  We ran around, played in the box of balls, played peek-a-boo and played with all of the toys.  Dorina would call out for Mommy and Daddy when she couldn’t see us or needed help with something.  Tibor ran on high speed and would run into Daddy’s arms.  We got lots of hugs!  It was a special time!

Tibor hugs Daddy

Then we went to the Tesco which is like Walmart.  Dorina likes everything pink, purple, and sparkly!!!  She also loves Barbie and put one in her basket to take home. She wanted a Beauty and the Beast dress but I had to say not today.  We did get her a pretty pink princess coin purse that she hugged and loved.  Tibor likes action figures, spiderman, and everything musical!  Tibor picked out a matchbox race car to take home.

On the way home, Dorina reached for Mommy’s hand to hold and Tibor leaned his cheek up against Mommy’s.  We snuggled on the way home.  Dorina asked if she could go to our house tonight.  So hard to say goodbye…..can’t wait for tomorrow!  Tomorrow we will try bowling!

We thank God for these precious moments and for becoming a family!


3 thoughts on “Nyiregyhaza Mall

  1. i am so excited for you both , it must be so hard to leave those precious children , please tell them that Grandma Karen ( i forgot the Hungarian word ) is so looking forward to meeting them , love you all .

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