Daddy bowling w kidsToday we took the children bowling! They have never been bowling before. It was amazing to watch Daddy teaching them to bowl and then watching them run into his arms and give him big hugs today! It was a beautiful picture! We had so much fun! Tibor tried to imitate everything that Daddy did. After Daddy bowled, Tibor put his leg up in the air like Daddy did… was soooo cute! After Daddy would help Tibor, he would put his hand gently on Daddy’s face….so sweet. There is a picture below of this. We also found out that Tibor is very competitive.

After bowling we had pizza and coke! Tibor was very hungry after all of that work at bowling! Tibor does everything in high speed! He is so cute!

After pizza, we played for a while at the play place and then went to their house. They were very tired. Today was another day filled with sweet kisses and lots of hugs! At their house, Daddy and Mommy and Dorina played balloons. Her smile and her giggle just warmed our heart! She had so much fun!

We thank God for this very special time of bonding! We thank God for the sweetness we feel when we are with the children. We feel His love and protection as He bonds our family together!

Tibor touches daddys face


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