Movie Day

movie dayToday we went to a 3D movie!  The children really enjoyed it.  Tibor was mesmerized   Dorina kept taking her glasses off – silly girl  🙂  The children love popcorn!  So do Daddy and Mommy!

We also taught the children how to play Uno today.  The children are so smart and picked up the game very quickly!  It is a great way for them to learn colors in English too!  They enjoyed playing with Mommy and Daddy.

In the van today, Mommy sang “The ABC song,” and “The Wheels on the Bus.”  The children giggles and listened intently.  They wanted Mommy to sing it again!  It was so much fun.  They also love to hear Daddy say, “Bubbles or Nem Bubbles?”  We have been so blessed this week!  Thank you Father God for each precious moment!

The children are tired after a very busy week.  One more day of visiting and then we get to bring them to the hotel with us.  Each day has been filled with fun, learning, memories, and lots of hugs and kisses!  We cherish every moment with them!  They are so precious!


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