DSCN2392Today when we arrived, we packed the children’s toys and clothes for tomorrow.  The children were so excited!  They helped pack and made sure that Mommy packed their favorite things!  The foster mother was so kind!  Tibor tried to be a strong man and carry the suitcase down the stairs – but he needed some help.  So cute!

Then we took the children to Tesko – like Walmart – to shop for a few things they would need tomorrow night.  They were so good in the store.  We picked out shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and some craft items to work with.  The children were very excited.

Then we were off to eat lunch at McDonalds!!!  The children love french fries!!!  They wanted to sing “Wheels on the Bus” again today.  So precious.  So we sang.  Tibor keeps asking for one verse – “The horn on the bus goes beep beep beep!”  He loves to sing along on that verse- over and over and over again!  We love to hear him sing with us!  Dorina sings many of the words correctly in English already.  We love to sing together as a family!!!

Then we played our new game, Wobbly Chef again.  They love to play this game!  What a fun day.  Thank you Father for each hug and kiss and giggle and smile and all of the love we share!

Back at the foster home, the mother gave us precious pictures, little tokens from when they were little, and baby books from the children.  So sweet!

Tomorrow we get to bring them back to our hotel!  Oh we are so excited!  The children are excited too!  God is so good and has blessed us so much!  It has been a long and busy week – but so many wonderful memories!  Now to be a family!  Thank you Father!

DSCN2387Oh, By the way, yesterday was Laundry day – We had the hotel do our laundry when shortly after we arrived but it was too much, too much.  I did the laundry in the hotel room this time.  It was a new experience for me – I have never done laundry in the bathtub before!!!  ha!  The laundry soap we got at the grocery smelled great and the heater did a great job of drying things by morning!  The dry air here helped to make things dry quickly, quickly (as Adam would say) 🙂


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