Our New Life

DSCN2431We got to the apartment yesterday.  It is a very primitive European apartment.  But it does have much more space than the hotel and it has a kitchen and a table.  The bed – actually pull out sofa – is not comfortable at all!  But I found a few extra blankets and pillows to try to soften it up a little bit.  The shower is also a challenge.  There is not a shower curtain and the shower head is about belly button level.  You can hold it up a little higher but it is not the easiest way to shower!  Oh the adventures we are living and the memories we are making!

Today was a fun day.  We ate some breakfast this morning and then took a walk.  We found a little grocery where we can buy some things to make meals.  Then we went back and had some playtime.  The children did some coloring today and drawing.  Then Mommy got out some of the kitchen things, and the children had a blast!  They played with their dolls, cars, made lunch for Mommy and had a fun time.  We also played with Playdough today.  They didn’t seem to know what it was but they loved it once they tried it!  We made letters and animals and faces, and shapes with our Playdough.  Then we used the race cars to race to 5 pictures cars.  They learned bed, pie, sheep, cake, and boat today.  We also had snack time, lunch, and right now Daddy is making spaghetti and the children are taking turns helping Daddy!  It is beautiful to see them work together!  Awwww!!!

We are trying to teach the children right and wrong and how to share.  We are trying to start good habits for them.  They are learning very quickly!  The children enjoy saying our little prayer together before each meal while we hold hands.  “Thank you God for this food” is our little prayer.  They enjoy the routine that we have started.

Thank you to all of you who are praying for us!  We feel your prayers!  We thank God daily!  God has done so much for us!


4 thoughts on “Our New Life

  1. Loving the updates. Looking forward reading how you settle in Hajduszoboszlo. Once you get over the initial shock of the adjustment in the new setting/environment it will all be great. Hang in there.

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