DSCN2468We have found lots of activities to keep us busy inside.  It is cold outside and it snowed last night.  We have used water bottles and a little ball to play bowling.  We built a fort yesterday and they built it again today.  We like to watch Seasame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Youtube.  We used an old calendar to cut and paste pictures of animals.  We like to make things with Playdough.  We write letters and shapes.  We play Go Fish with a deck of cards and learn numbers and letters.  We play the Memory Game that we brought along.  We play restaurant with kitchen dishes.  The children love bathtime and playing with the rubber duckies we bought.  The children’s favorite thing to do is to sing!  We sing lots of songs.

The children have learned lots of English.  Our favorite thing to hear them say is “Tibi loves Mommy.  Tibi loves Daddy.  Dorina loves Mommy.  Dorina loves Daddy.  Thank you God for this food.  Thank you God for Mommy.  Thank you God for Daddy.  Thank you God for Tibi.  Thank you God for Dorina!”

Last night Dorina asked Mommy “What is in America?”  She wanted me to tell her the English word!  They both count to 12 in English.  They sing “The Wheels on the Bus” and the phrase “Stop, in the name of love” (Daddy taught them this phrase).  They sing “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep”.  They are learning the “ABC” song.  They like to play Go Fish with cards and the Memory Game that we brought along.  At night they like to watch Seasame Street and then cuddle up with Mommy and Daddy to go to sleep.  They take turns cuddling with either Mommy or Daddy.  They love to give sweet little kisses and lots of hugs.  We are so blessed!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATibi is a very caring and compassionate child.  He likes to stroke Mommy and Daddy’s back and hand just like we stroke his.  He even hugs and kisses Dorina.  Dorina is a little Boss.  She likes to tell everyone how to do it!  She doesn’t like it when we do it for her.  We try to find things for us to do and ways for her to help us.  She likes to help Mommy do laundry in the bathtub and hang it on the heater to dry.  She likes to help Daddy cook.  She likes things clean and in order.  She gets very upset when something is out of place.  Yesterday, she sorted her snack of peanuts into the ones that were broken and the ones that were whole.  She ate the broken ones first and then she ate the whole ones!  She is very particular – like Daddy!  🙂

Tibi loves to learn.  He likes to repeat all of the English words we use.  Daddy even taught “Hasta La Vista Baby”!  Everything Daddy does, Tibi wants to do!  He also likes to say “Hootin Nanny”.  Tibi loves his Daddy and Mommy!  Dorina does too!

We are having such a good time being a family.  It is exhausting to try to understand another language every day and we so miss our family and friends who speak English  :-).  We miss our Cats and our beds and we really miss ice!!!!  But God blesses us everyday.  We see how much the children are learning and how much fun they have!  We thank God for our wonderful family.


9 thoughts on “Bonding

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  2. so glad things are going so well , the kids are just adorable , i know you are enjoying every minute with them , love you all .

  3. The language barrier is so hard, but sounds like they are doing great already. Our son wouldn’t even repeat phrases for the first few weeks – he was waiting for US to learn HIS language. Finally, his stubborn streak wore off and he became the chatterbox we know today.

  4. Love seeing your children and hearing how yall are doing! That tv area looks like our apartment….post more pictures if possible of the rooms! We’d love to know if it is the same place:)

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