Inside Activities

DSCN2469This week we have tried to stay busy inside.  The weather outside has been snowy, rainy, and cold.  We took a few short walks, but Tibi doesn’t like wind in his face so we don’t stay out for long.

We brought out the bubbles yesterday.  They enjoyed this very much!  They tried blowing them higher, catching them, and popping them.  They know how to say “Tibi’s turn and Dorina’s turn” and are really pretty good at taking turns now.  We are working on sharing and using a nice voice when we talk to each other.  They really are picking up on our rules very quickly.

Yesterday was rainy and gloomy, so Daddy popped us some popcorn and played the Lorax movie on his computer.  The children love popcorn and when the movie was over they asked us to play it again!

We have played with Playdough every day.  They enjoy making things for Mommy and Daddy.  We also sing lots of songs.  They almost know all of the ABC song now and they still love the “Wheels on the Bus.”  We have practiced cutting shapes and letters.  Dorina is very good at cutting out shapes and Tibi is trying very hard.  We write words and letters.  Yesterday I had them tell me a word in English to write and they copied it.  They love the names of the Seasame Street characters and names of animals.  They know so much English already!

Today was nice outside so we went for a long walk.  The children are doing so good at accepting when we say no or later.  At first they would cry and pout but now they just go on.

As I am typing, Tibi asked me how to hold the Playdough scissors.  He is always asking how to say something or how to do it correctly.  He loves learning!  Yesterday we started learning our colors.  Now whenever we see a label or sign, the children try to name the colors and any letters that they see on it.  They are learning so much!  We are so proud!

We are pleased that the children are enjoying our routine.  They look forward to supper, then bath time  then we watch Sesame Street or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and then we cuddle and they fall asleep.  They wake each morning and Tibi comes to find us and say “Good Morning Mommy.  Good Morning Daddy.”  He always wakes up happy!  We are proud of how many different foods they have tried and how many they enjoy eating.  Last night Daddy made us fish sticks and macaroni and cheese (from scratch).  The kids tried it and loved it!  They even tried some of the wax beans that Daddy made!  The children love the “Apples and Bananas” song and then they like to eat apples and bananas and oranges!

DSCN2471We have to post a picture of our little particular sorter!  Dorina sorts her foods and eats one section at a time.  She is very particular about how things go.  She wants things in a certain order and in a certain way.  She sorts her peanuts into halves and wholes and eats one section at a time!  She is so sweet!

We have a star chart that we use as a reward.  They are so proud to get stars for trying foods and helping and following directions.  They are really good kids and we are enjoying our time as a family.  We hope the weather improves so that we can do some more outside activities.  We thank God for all of the wonderful things the children have learned and how loving and sweet they are.  We thank God for our time together as a family.  We thank all of the people who continue to pray for us – we feel your prayers!  We thank God for our little family!


2 thoughts on “Inside Activities

  1. Thanks! We have bought a few things for the kids here but they are different sizes than the US. We bought Tibi a 5-6 year old pjs and Dorina seems to wear the 6-7 year old size. i think they are probably average sizes for their age – but they are skinny kids.

  2. that’s good they are learning so much , so glad to hear about all your adventures and learning their ways , about what sizes are they in ? they look small , they are so adorable , i know you are having so much fun teaching them , so glad you can send pictures , it’s good to see you all , love you all .

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