Basilica w kidsSunday morning we set out to use the metro to do some exploring. It was cloudy but not raining when we left. We found the metro station and made it to St Stevens Basilica. The service was just ending as we entered and it was beautiful! The children were very reverent and Tibi asked Daddy to pray with him. Dorina wanted to know about Jesus, so we looked at the murals and Mommy told her a out Jesus.
parliment w DaddyThen since it was rainy and dreary, we decided to head back to the hotel. We were not able to find the right metro line easily and had to do a lot of walking, but God protected us and the kids were good troopers!We left there to try to find another sight but it started raining and the kids were hungry so we headed to our Cafe to see our friend Atilla. We had a wonderful lunch and visit with Atilla!

When we got back, the kids gave Mommy a massage because I had a headache. Then we went swimming. Dorina was very brave! She learned to put her head all the way under water and even go done and touch the bottom! She is becoming quite the swimmer. She is able to swim a short distance without help. Tibi is still timid but is making progress and did put his head under several times.

DSCN2882Monday we got our last paper work before leaving Hungary!  We got their Visas from the US Embassy.  While we waited on the paperwork, we took pictures.


Here is one of the Ronald Reagan statue and the kids.  We also got to see the Parliament Building, the chain bridge, and a great view of the Danube River and the Castle District.  We had pizza and a wonderful dessert and then Daddy went and picked up the visas and paperwork and we went back to pack and swim.

bliwing a kiss

Happy Birthday


Saturday was Mommys birthday. First we enjoyed the wonderful breakfast buffet at the hotel. the kids are overwhelmed with so many choices! it is a wonderful spread. we let the kids choose between two or three options.

Then We started off trying to sight see by bus….we have not had favorable weather here. It was raining and the windows fogged up…so much for seeing anything. We were praying about what to do when Tibi had to use the bathroom. We got off at a stop and there was a McDonald’s right there. We decided to walk to a little cafe that we had eaten at when we got here in Jan. We wanted to visit a friend we had met there. We happened across the Central Market on the way to the cafe. Daddy really wanted to see it and in Jan when we went it had already closed for the day. So we took a stroll through the Market. So much to see! It was fun! We also happened to find the exact native set that Daddy had wanted to buy! God blesses us in so many unusual ways sometimes! We were also able to find some hand made Christmas ornaments for our collection. Wonderful finds!

Then we went to our little Cafe. Our friend Atilla was not working but we had a nice lunch. The owner also called our friend for us and we were able to visit with him. He is working today so we may go to lunch there to visit him! We took a taxi back to the hotel.

We decided to go swimming again. The kids love it. We are working on teaching them to put their faces in the water and they are making progress. They are still a little scared at times but are doing better. They can tread water with a little help and we worked on floating too. We all had a blast! They are already asking about going again.


imageThen we cleaned up and got ready for dinner. We had a yummy dinner! Daddy, Tibi, and Dorina gave Mommy a beautiful Hungarian porcelain box with flowers and a butterfly. They also gave me a card with Snoopy and hand written messages! So sweet! After dinner we ordered coffee and the waitress brought out a beautiful chocolate cake with my name on it and she was singing Happy Birthday to me! Tibi sang Happy Birthday to Mommy all day on Saturday! The cake and the evening were wonderful! Thank you my Dalrings for my wonderful birthday!



imageToday we tried swimming at the hotel pool. It is a wonderful hotel and pool. There are 3 pools…, warm, and hot. I don’t think the kids had ever really been swimming . We spent time teaching them how to blow bubbles, hold their breath and jump in the water. Then we taught them about the dog paddle and floating. Dorina loved it! She even got her face wet and would jump quit far. Tibi did good with the dog paddle but was afraid to get his face wet. He did enjoy blowing bubbles.

It imagewas a dream come true for Mommy. Some of my favorite memories as a child are of our family playing in the hotel pool. We had so much fun when I was a kid and I had just as much fun with my kids today! Daddy and mommy took turns with each of the kids, taking them around the pool. It was very relaxing for Mommy and Daddy! The kids loved it. They didn’t even want to get out for lunch….and Dorina rarely turns down eating! Dorina said “I heart swimming!”

The picture of the kids was taken last night at dinner. the waitress gave the kids these hand painted pencils. She was so sweet! The kids were so happy! they told her all about going to America on Tuesday!

We just had a relaxing lunch! We have so enjoyed our day! Thank you God for such a wonderful day!

It’s official!


Yesterday with much difficulty in the government office with paperwork, we finally got the signed paper making us an official Forever Family! Praise God! It was a very long and stressful day…we all had headaches and were tired, but we went to a beautiful hotel in Budapest! We are back in civilization!

Last night Dorina went in the bathroom and said, “shower not broken!” It was a real shower with a real shower curtain. The water was easy to regulate the temperature and the kids loved it! Dorina kept repeating “real shower, yay!” They didn’t want to get out and neither did Daddy and Mommy! We had real beds to sleep on and finally got some sleep! It was also very quiet and peaceful for the first time in 30 days! We have been thanking God for every little thing today! We are so grateful!

We praise God for all of His blessings and provisions and for our family! We ask God to complete our paper work on time so that we can fly home on Tues!

We are hoping to swim later today. The kids are excited!

Fun and Games

We enjoyed another day of fellowship and blessing at Calvary Chapel in Debrecen and with the Chun Family!  We are so thankful for the opportunities that we have had to be with them!

DSCN2766This week we got out the Uno Game.  We were impressed how quickly the children understood the game.  We also used it to reinforce colors and teach numbers.  After each person lays down a card, they have to name the color and the number.  The children really enjoy that game.  We have played several times as a family and it is a lot of fun!  They ask to play “again please!”

In the photo, they are showing off their new watches.  Tibi has a Bus watch – his first English words were “Beep Beep” from the song “Wheels on the Bus” that Mommy sang to him in the van one day.  Tibi sings that song whenever we go to the bus stop or just when we are walking or waiting for something and he wants to entertain himself.  Dorina’s watch has Monkey’s and Bananas on it.  She loves to eat Bananas and both of them like to sing “Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed…..Mommy called me Doctor and the Doctor said….”

We made our last trip to Tesco via the bus today.  We leave the apartment on Thursday and head to Budapest.  We are so ready to leave this apartment!  We are also very thankful for all of the wonderful precious times we have had together as a family!  We have enjoyed tickle time in the mornings!  Each morning the children come to where we are sleeping (it is not really a bedroom) and whisper beside the thing we sleep on (it is not really a bed).  I think they are discussing who will try to wake us up.  Then they climb in with us and say “No tickles” or “this little piggy.”  We then have tickle time and play “This little Piggy went to market.”  It is a fun way to wake up each morning.  We get lots of hugs, snuggles, kisses, and “I love you.”

Daddy has done a great job of deciphering the labels at the grocery and making great meals!  We have enjoyed exposing the children to new things they have never tried and seeing them delight in all of these new foods.  We have enjoyed little treats and tea time too.  We learned that they love cereal and fruit!

DSCN2827We have enjoyed song time – they love to sing!  We have enjoyed coloring and drawing time, writing time, playdough time, balloon time, games, and imagination time.  The children have wonderful imaginations.  They have found little cards to use as flip cell phones recently.  It is so cute to hear them talk on their little phones.  They have played everything with plastic water bottles and they love to play with their dolls.  They also love to use the pudding cups to make coffee for us.

We have had lots of fun at bath time and watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” after bath time.  We have enjoyed praying together at meals and when we have a need.  We have enjoyed playing at the park and eating at our favorite little pizza place.  We have enjoyed making cards for each other and making hearts for Valentine’s Day.

The last week or so, the children have been talking about America.  Every time they see a plane, they say “to America.”  We have a chart where we mark off the days and count how many til we go home.  The children have asked about what we have in America – “Ketchup……  Cheese……. Soccer……”  They are excited to see their rooms, Noni, Papa, Grandma, all the people they have heard about and seen by pictures and skype, and Milton and Sheldon!

Most of all, we have enjoyed God’s love and blessings on our family as we have loved each other and learned more about each other.  We are grateful that our time in Hungary is coming to an end in a week and we can return hone as a family of 4!  Our lives are forever changed and we are very grateful!  Thank you Father God for our family and all of Your many blessings.


Learning Adventures

nutsThe other day we got some Valentine’s candy at the store.  It turned out that there was a small, medium and large on the boxes.  We cut out the hearts and learned about small, medium, and large.

We have had some nicer days, so we have been going to the park.  Daddy found a seed and a spouting seed yesterday.  The kids learned about seeds and plants.  Today, we found acorns, chestnuts, ladybugs, and different kinds of seeds.  The kids enjoyed taking a nature walk and collecting these items.  We have had fun looking at them and discussing them.

We heard the children use these phrases today…..”Wash your hands”  “Look at this one”  “Bluno” (Pluto)  “Oh no”

The children have improved in their coloring ability too!  Today they were even tracing the pictures that they have already colored!  At the park the last few days, Tibi has written all of the names of the people in our family.  He remembers some of them and has help with others.  Every day at the table, the children try to name the letters and colors on the items.  Tibi also knows most of his shapes.  It is amazing to watch them learn more and more every day!

Here is Daddy and Tibi looking at the Bible together.  The children enjoy finding the numbers in it.  They are also singing “Jesus loves me”  Today Tibi prayed for his neck and Dorina’s ears.

Reading Bible

More Adventures


The picture above is from the day Dorina used the Playdough scissors to give Daddy a haircut!

DSCN2689DSCN2646Yesterday we used shaving cream to write letters, shapes, and make pictures.  The kids loved it – even the big kids!  They sat at the table and played in the shaving cream for over an hour!  It was so fun to watch their creativity.  We even discovered that Tibi draws with both hands at the same time to make a mirror image!  Amazing!  Dorina liked writing her name and copying the things that Daddy drew.  We worked on numbers, letters, and our names.  Of course, we also had to draw Mickey Mouse!  It was fun!


DSCN2730Today we had our last visit from the Social Worker.  They asked how things were going and we showed them the work the kids have done and pictures we have taken.  They asked how things were going and seemed impressed that the children answered them in English and that they use short sentences.  They were impressed that we have taken them to church and connected with another family that has adopted.  They said everything was in order and that on the 21st we would get our final paperwork and the new birth certificates.  Yay!  Only a short time and we will be going home with our new family of four!  God is so great!  We thank Him for making this family complete!  We thank Him for the wonderful moments of love and bonding that we have had here.  And we thank Him that we are going home to America!  We celebrated today by going to our favorite little spot for Pizza and French Fries!  When we ordered, Daddy ordered ice for him and Mommy and Dorina and Tibi piped and said ice for us too!  So cute! Ice is a rare find here!

DSCN2715Today was a nice day, so we spent the afternoon in the park.  They had a blast.  We get tickled at the English phrases that they know.  “Really?!”  “Ta da”  When they see an airplane now they say “Going to America”  They enjoyed drawing in the sand.  Tibi spelled out Rosetta for memory today!  They also like to draw a church.  They got to wear their new sunglasses to the park today too.  They thought they were styling!  We are amazed at how much they have learned since those first days when we met them.  The first time we went to the park they didn’t know how to climb or use the equipment and needed our help on everything.  Today, they climbed and swung, and used all of the equipment without help.  They have learned so much!  We love watching them learn new things and make new experiences!  Their world has grown by leaps and bounds.  Thank you God for all of their new experiences and all of the joy!

Oh – and Daddy has given Mommy two days off from doing laundry in the bathtub – Daddy and Dorina did for Mommy!  Thank you!!!!  A nice rest!


Big Helpers


Today we noticed that the children are starting to use short English sentences instead of just phrases!  They are so smart!  They use English with us all of the time.  They still talk to each other in Hungarian some, but they also use English with each other.  We are so proud of how they are trying to learn.  Thank you God for helping them learn so quickly.

We have discovered that Dorina’s “Love Language” is acts of service.  She loves to help us and she also loves to have us do things for her.  Yesterday she helped Daddy do the laundry (so Mommy could have a break) and then she asked if she could do the dishes.  She also asked to do the dishes again after breakfast this morning.

DSCN2630Tibi’s love language is words.  He is the first one to say “Good Morning and I love you” every day.  He is very sweet with his words and he remembers what you say.  When he makes something and we complement him, he tells everyone else what was said to him.  He repeats it over and over.

I am so glad that God has shown us their love languages so early.  That way we can help to make them feel loved all of the time in their own special way!

Learning and Growing

We are in our final two weeks here in Hungary.  I can’t say that the time has flown by – it hasn’t.  There are so many things to adjust to here.  It is not just adjusting to being a family, but also to a new culture, language, experience, and so much more.  But as always, God gives us grace and wisdom and leads us and we learn!  God is so patient and kind and loving.


The children have been learning so much!!!  They can now count to 40 with a little help.  They know several colors now.  They recognize several letters.  They enjoy writing their names and also the names of the characters on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They like to write their names and also the names of our cats, Milton and Sheldon.  We are teaching them how to treat Milton and Sheldon when we get home.  We use a bottle as the cat and we play act out what to do and what not to do!  They know so much English.  We are so proud of how much they have learned so quickly!

They have learned how to be polite and use polite phrases.  They are also learning how to say I’m sorry and do it without prompting most of the time now.  They like to be helpers in preparing meals and do a good job of cleaning up their spot after they eat.  They are doing much better at playing together for longer periods of time now.  Their attention spans are growing.

We went to Tesco again today and realized how much they have improved at shopping and eating out.  We think back to the first times we took them shopping or out to eat – WOW!  It was a challenge!  But now, they follow us around the store and shop without a problem.   Eating out has become a fun experience.  We are so proud of them.

Yesterday we went to church again with the Chun’s.  God has blessed us so much by this family!  They have been so kind and helpful to us!  God knew that we wouldn’t have survived without them!!!  We thank God for our new friends the Chun’s!  God bless them as much as they have blessed us!  We enjoyed the music and the service.  After the service, we went to McDonalds.  The children enjoyed playing after we ate, and we enjoyed a great time of grown up fellowship!  It brightens us week and refreshed our soul!  Thank you Father God!

DSCN2531The children talk more and more about America.  They are excited to get to America.  They want to meet Sheldon, Milton, Mickey Mouse, Grandma Karen, Noni, and Papa.  They can’t wait to get to their rooms and their house.  They want to ride in Daddy’s Chevy and Mommy’s car.  They are excited for their new adventure.  We are too!  We can’t wait to get home.  We are thankful for all of the precious uninterrupted moments that we have had as a family but we are ready to return to America.

Creativity and Adventures

DSCN2557Yesterday turned out to be dry and warmer so we decided to go on an adventure.  We went to the bus station and were able to take the bus to Debrecen – half an hour from here.  Thanks to Daddy’s research, we were able to walk to McDonalds!  We all enjoyed Happy Meals and the kids were fascinated with the ice in their little drinks!  Mommy and Daddy were thrilled to have ice!  After we ate, we took a walk.  It was nice to see some different scenery!  Then we spotted a little bakery and went inside.  They had a seating area and we had the most delicious treats!  It was a nice little outing   We had a little trouble figuring out what time the return bus was to our apartment, but we prayed and trusted, and God led us right to the bus that was about to leave for Hajduszoboszlo.

When we returned it was even warmed and we let the children play in the park.  They had a wonderful time!  We came home and had hot dogs and noodle soup for supper.  The children love hot dogs and soup!  They have developed such a healthy appetite and really eat just about anything that we set before them.  They are eating lots of fruit and trying different vegetables.

Today was rainy and cold, so we too the bus to Tesco – a short walk to the bus stop and a short ride.  We ate lunch at the little place outside of Tesco and then did some shopping.  We found a playdough set with letters and numbers and the children enjoyed spelling their names when we got home today.  Right now the children are playing the memory game with Daddy.

kids computersThe children are so creative!  Mommy and Daddy use their laptop computers and so Dorina and Tibi created their own little pretend laptops – so cute!  Notice in the picture the cars – they use these as their mouse.  They even do like Mommy and turn the car over to turn on the battery for the mouse!  So observant!

This week, we also taught the children how to cut out hearts and snowflakes.  They have had lots of fun doing that.  They made lots of hearts and wrote about who they love – with Mommy helping them write.  We have also been able to skype with Noni and Papa!  The children look for them online every time we open the computer!  We are hoping to do more skyping with Grandma Karen and others soon.  The children enjoy learning and are progressing so much!  We are overwhelmed!  We thank God for each day.  Each morning, the children come in to our room and wake us up with giggles and snuggles – We thank God for every special moment and memory!