Play in the Park Day!

cuties in parkYesterday was dry and there was some sun.  It was a little warmer, so we bundled up and went to the park.  The children had a wonderful time!  They climbed and ran and enjoyed the space!  There was a zip line that they really enjoyed!  They learned to say “Help please” when something was too high or they needed a hand.  Dorina is scared of heights but Tibi is such a gentleman and helped her whenever he could.  They enjoyed the slide, and even Mommy went down the slide!  Daddy had fun taking photos of the children and the children love to say “Cheese.”  They also like to have their picture taken and then look at it on the screen.  We heard “Photo Daddy” many times.

The children enjoy our routine that we have put in place.  Tibi always knows what comes next.  Dorina follows along without complaining any more.

We have noticed that the children’s attention span is growing.  They are able to select an activity on their own and they play nicely together for longer and longer periods of time.  They have become great helpers at cleaning up and helping prepare for meal time.


This morning, Daddy and Mommy were awakened by two giggling monkeys!  They are so cute!  They wake up happy every morning!  We had cuddle and tickle time before we got out of bed.  Daddy made omlets this morning and the children enjoyed them!  We are so pleased at how they try anything that we put on the table.  We still reward them with stars for doing a good job.  They love those stars!  Today, Tibi remembered how to brush his teeth correctly all by himself!  Dorina is still learning – but we keep practicing.  Each day they learn more and more.

Every day, the children point to colors and letters and try to name.  They love to sing songs and also enjoy watching English cartoons.  We even watched the Muppet Show the last two days.  We are enjoying our family time!  We thank God for our new Forever Family!


6 thoughts on “Play in the Park Day!

  1. enjoy hearing about the daily routine you all have , sounds like the children are learning so much , they have 2 very good teachers to help them , love you all .

  2. I love all the pictures of the children… so sweet! Just know that your friends at Orphan Advocates are praying for you and hope to meet your family one day soon!

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