Cute tibiWhen we were preparing to travel to Hungary, we were able to connect with some families that had already been to Hungary and had adopted.  One of these families, the Hnizdil’s, stayed in the same place that we are staying.  While they were here, they met the Chun’s.  The Chun’s are missionaries here.  Darlena Hnizdil, connected us with Trudy Chun.  Trudy called us and helped us figure out the bus schedule.  Then she and her husband Russel, invited us to church!  Russel and 2 of his children drove here to pick us up and take us with them to church!  It was such a wonderful blessing!!!!

We went to Calvary Chapel.  They had a class for the children.  Tibi and Dorina went right in.  The lady in their class said she would come get us if the children needed us.  Most people there spoke English – it was so good to hear English!  Now we know how the children will feel when they come to America.  They will miss hearing Hungarian.  The people at the church were so nice!


We met a couple from Arizona who had just moved here.  We visited until the service started.  Then the service started with worship.  Most of the songs were written on the screen in English and Hungarian.  They sang the songs in both Hungarian and English.  There was a mix of contemporary songs and hymns.   It was beautiful and so refreshing!  God’s presence was there!  We are so thankful!!!


The sermon was in Hungarian but was translated into English by a translator.  We had communion and then broke up into small groups to pray.  It was such a wonderful experience.

After church, the Chun’s took us to their house for lunch!  Trudy made a Hungarian dish that we all loved!  It was so nice to sit and visit and fellowship.  The children enjoyed playing with the Chun’s children.  They had a blast!  It was nice for all of us to get out and meet people.  The children did a great job of playing nicely.

We thank God for this connection and for the love of the Chun’s and their church!  God revived us and refreshed us through this wonderful experience.  We met some wonderful people and enjoyed fellowship!

zipline dorinaEducation update – The children have learned to recognize several letters.  They are able to sing almost all of the ABC song without help.  They have learned a few colors.  With a little help, they can count to 30.  They are good at saying “Excuse me”  “I’m sorry” “I love you” “Help please” “I’m Hungry” “Thank you” and they love to thank God for things.  Tibi loves to thank God for “Tibi Choci”  There is a chocolate bar here called the Tibi bar – I think it is a company name.  We all like Tibi Choci!

Today we made a trip to Tesco and were able to find a place to buy swimsuits for them.  We will have a pool at the last hotel that we stay at in Budapest.  We have been looking but since it is winter had not found any yet.  They were so excited!  It is an experience to try to figure out sizes in a foreign country, but the sales lady was very helpful and we found two suits successfully   The kids modeled them when we got home.


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