Creativity and Adventures

DSCN2557Yesterday turned out to be dry and warmer so we decided to go on an adventure.  We went to the bus station and were able to take the bus to Debrecen – half an hour from here.  Thanks to Daddy’s research, we were able to walk to McDonalds!  We all enjoyed Happy Meals and the kids were fascinated with the ice in their little drinks!  Mommy and Daddy were thrilled to have ice!  After we ate, we took a walk.  It was nice to see some different scenery!  Then we spotted a little bakery and went inside.  They had a seating area and we had the most delicious treats!  It was a nice little outing   We had a little trouble figuring out what time the return bus was to our apartment, but we prayed and trusted, and God led us right to the bus that was about to leave for Hajduszoboszlo.

When we returned it was even warmed and we let the children play in the park.  They had a wonderful time!  We came home and had hot dogs and noodle soup for supper.  The children love hot dogs and soup!  They have developed such a healthy appetite and really eat just about anything that we set before them.  They are eating lots of fruit and trying different vegetables.

Today was rainy and cold, so we too the bus to Tesco – a short walk to the bus stop and a short ride.  We ate lunch at the little place outside of Tesco and then did some shopping.  We found a playdough set with letters and numbers and the children enjoyed spelling their names when we got home today.  Right now the children are playing the memory game with Daddy.

kids computersThe children are so creative!  Mommy and Daddy use their laptop computers and so Dorina and Tibi created their own little pretend laptops – so cute!  Notice in the picture the cars – they use these as their mouse.  They even do like Mommy and turn the car over to turn on the battery for the mouse!  So observant!

This week, we also taught the children how to cut out hearts and snowflakes.  They have had lots of fun doing that.  They made lots of hearts and wrote about who they love – with Mommy helping them write.  We have also been able to skype with Noni and Papa!  The children look for them online every time we open the computer!  We are hoping to do more skyping with Grandma Karen and others soon.  The children enjoy learning and are progressing so much!  We are overwhelmed!  We thank God for each day.  Each morning, the children come in to our room and wake us up with giggles and snuggles – We thank God for every special moment and memory!



3 thoughts on “Creativity and Adventures

  1. these pictures are adorable , i couldn’t get them to come up @ work , they sure are having some exciting adventures , it’s just amazing the little things we take for granted can amaze them so , i just can’t imagine how they will feel when the get home and get to see everything here , love & kisses to eveyone .
    Love mom

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