Learning and Growing

We are in our final two weeks here in Hungary.  I can’t say that the time has flown by – it hasn’t.  There are so many things to adjust to here.  It is not just adjusting to being a family, but also to a new culture, language, experience, and so much more.  But as always, God gives us grace and wisdom and leads us and we learn!  God is so patient and kind and loving.


The children have been learning so much!!!  They can now count to 40 with a little help.  They know several colors now.  They recognize several letters.  They enjoy writing their names and also the names of the characters on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They like to write their names and also the names of our cats, Milton and Sheldon.  We are teaching them how to treat Milton and Sheldon when we get home.  We use a bottle as the cat and we play act out what to do and what not to do!  They know so much English.  We are so proud of how much they have learned so quickly!

They have learned how to be polite and use polite phrases.  They are also learning how to say I’m sorry and do it without prompting most of the time now.  They like to be helpers in preparing meals and do a good job of cleaning up their spot after they eat.  They are doing much better at playing together for longer periods of time now.  Their attention spans are growing.

We went to Tesco again today and realized how much they have improved at shopping and eating out.  We think back to the first times we took them shopping or out to eat – WOW!  It was a challenge!  But now, they follow us around the store and shop without a problem.   Eating out has become a fun experience.  We are so proud of them.

Yesterday we went to church again with the Chun’s.  God has blessed us so much by this family!  They have been so kind and helpful to us!  God knew that we wouldn’t have survived without them!!!  We thank God for our new friends the Chun’s!  God bless them as much as they have blessed us!  We enjoyed the music and the service.  After the service, we went to McDonalds.  The children enjoyed playing after we ate, and we enjoyed a great time of grown up fellowship!  It brightens us week and refreshed our soul!  Thank you Father God!

DSCN2531The children talk more and more about America.  They are excited to get to America.  They want to meet Sheldon, Milton, Mickey Mouse, Grandma Karen, Noni, and Papa.  They can’t wait to get to their rooms and their house.  They want to ride in Daddy’s Chevy and Mommy’s car.  They are excited for their new adventure.  We are too!  We can’t wait to get home.  We are thankful for all of the precious uninterrupted moments that we have had as a family but we are ready to return to America.


4 thoughts on “Learning and Growing

  1. We will be praying for you! We find something special about each day to thank God for and enjoy. We have much to be thankful for! We have been blessed! We are excited to go home! God bless you as you finish your time in the Ukraine!

  2. Wow I didn’t realize Hungary involved such long travel! Because you were matched before you left, I thought it was a quicker process. We are going into our 22nd day here in Ukraine and are starting to feel the pull to go home – and we still have about another three weeks! Hope you are able to enjoy your last two weeks before it’s back to reality!

  3. I can’t imagine staying for so long. Although I loved my time in Ethiopia, I craved getting back home and starting to settle into our “new normal.” And we were only there for 10 days!

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