Big Helpers


Today we noticed that the children are starting to use short English sentences instead of just phrases!  They are so smart!  They use English with us all of the time.  They still talk to each other in Hungarian some, but they also use English with each other.  We are so proud of how they are trying to learn.  Thank you God for helping them learn so quickly.

We have discovered that Dorina’s “Love Language” is acts of service.  She loves to help us and she also loves to have us do things for her.  Yesterday she helped Daddy do the laundry (so Mommy could have a break) and then she asked if she could do the dishes.  She also asked to do the dishes again after breakfast this morning.

DSCN2630Tibi’s love language is words.  He is the first one to say “Good Morning and I love you” every day.  He is very sweet with his words and he remembers what you say.  When he makes something and we complement him, he tells everyone else what was said to him.  He repeats it over and over.

I am so glad that God has shown us their love languages so early.  That way we can help to make them feel loved all of the time in their own special way!


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