More Adventures


The picture above is from the day Dorina used the Playdough scissors to give Daddy a haircut!

DSCN2689DSCN2646Yesterday we used shaving cream to write letters, shapes, and make pictures.  The kids loved it – even the big kids!  They sat at the table and played in the shaving cream for over an hour!  It was so fun to watch their creativity.  We even discovered that Tibi draws with both hands at the same time to make a mirror image!  Amazing!  Dorina liked writing her name and copying the things that Daddy drew.  We worked on numbers, letters, and our names.  Of course, we also had to draw Mickey Mouse!  It was fun!


DSCN2730Today we had our last visit from the Social Worker.  They asked how things were going and we showed them the work the kids have done and pictures we have taken.  They asked how things were going and seemed impressed that the children answered them in English and that they use short sentences.  They were impressed that we have taken them to church and connected with another family that has adopted.  They said everything was in order and that on the 21st we would get our final paperwork and the new birth certificates.  Yay!  Only a short time and we will be going home with our new family of four!  God is so great!  We thank Him for making this family complete!  We thank Him for the wonderful moments of love and bonding that we have had here.  And we thank Him that we are going home to America!  We celebrated today by going to our favorite little spot for Pizza and French Fries!  When we ordered, Daddy ordered ice for him and Mommy and Dorina and Tibi piped and said ice for us too!  So cute! Ice is a rare find here!

DSCN2715Today was a nice day, so we spent the afternoon in the park.  They had a blast.  We get tickled at the English phrases that they know.  “Really?!”  “Ta da”  When they see an airplane now they say “Going to America”  They enjoyed drawing in the sand.  Tibi spelled out Rosetta for memory today!  They also like to draw a church.  They got to wear their new sunglasses to the park today too.  They thought they were styling!  We are amazed at how much they have learned since those first days when we met them.  The first time we went to the park they didn’t know how to climb or use the equipment and needed our help on everything.  Today, they climbed and swung, and used all of the equipment without help.  They have learned so much!  We love watching them learn new things and make new experiences!  Their world has grown by leaps and bounds.  Thank you God for all of their new experiences and all of the joy!

Oh – and Daddy has given Mommy two days off from doing laundry in the bathtub – Daddy and Dorina did for Mommy!  Thank you!!!!  A nice rest!



2 thoughts on “More Adventures

  1. I think the best part about being a parent is watching my children learn new things. And with older adopted kids, it’s like watching it in fast forward!

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