Learning Adventures

nutsThe other day we got some Valentine’s candy at the store.  It turned out that there was a small, medium and large on the boxes.  We cut out the hearts and learned about small, medium, and large.

We have had some nicer days, so we have been going to the park.  Daddy found a seed and a spouting seed yesterday.  The kids learned about seeds and plants.  Today, we found acorns, chestnuts, ladybugs, and different kinds of seeds.  The kids enjoyed taking a nature walk and collecting these items.  We have had fun looking at them and discussing them.

We heard the children use these phrases today…..”Wash your hands”  “Look at this one”  “Bluno” (Pluto)  “Oh no”

The children have improved in their coloring ability too!  Today they were even tracing the pictures that they have already colored!  At the park the last few days, Tibi has written all of the names of the people in our family.  He remembers some of them and has help with others.  Every day at the table, the children try to name the letters and colors on the items.  Tibi also knows most of his shapes.  It is amazing to watch them learn more and more every day!

Here is Daddy and Tibi looking at the Bible together.  The children enjoy finding the numbers in it.  They are also singing “Jesus loves me”  Today Tibi prayed for his neck and Dorina’s ears.

Reading Bible


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