Fun and Games

We enjoyed another day of fellowship and blessing at Calvary Chapel in Debrecen and with the Chun Family!  We are so thankful for the opportunities that we have had to be with them!

DSCN2766This week we got out the Uno Game.  We were impressed how quickly the children understood the game.  We also used it to reinforce colors and teach numbers.  After each person lays down a card, they have to name the color and the number.  The children really enjoy that game.  We have played several times as a family and it is a lot of fun!  They ask to play “again please!”

In the photo, they are showing off their new watches.  Tibi has a Bus watch – his first English words were “Beep Beep” from the song “Wheels on the Bus” that Mommy sang to him in the van one day.  Tibi sings that song whenever we go to the bus stop or just when we are walking or waiting for something and he wants to entertain himself.  Dorina’s watch has Monkey’s and Bananas on it.  She loves to eat Bananas and both of them like to sing “Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed…..Mommy called me Doctor and the Doctor said….”

We made our last trip to Tesco via the bus today.  We leave the apartment on Thursday and head to Budapest.  We are so ready to leave this apartment!  We are also very thankful for all of the wonderful precious times we have had together as a family!  We have enjoyed tickle time in the mornings!  Each morning the children come to where we are sleeping (it is not really a bedroom) and whisper beside the thing we sleep on (it is not really a bed).  I think they are discussing who will try to wake us up.  Then they climb in with us and say “No tickles” or “this little piggy.”  We then have tickle time and play “This little Piggy went to market.”  It is a fun way to wake up each morning.  We get lots of hugs, snuggles, kisses, and “I love you.”

Daddy has done a great job of deciphering the labels at the grocery and making great meals!  We have enjoyed exposing the children to new things they have never tried and seeing them delight in all of these new foods.  We have enjoyed little treats and tea time too.  We learned that they love cereal and fruit!

DSCN2827We have enjoyed song time – they love to sing!  We have enjoyed coloring and drawing time, writing time, playdough time, balloon time, games, and imagination time.  The children have wonderful imaginations.  They have found little cards to use as flip cell phones recently.  It is so cute to hear them talk on their little phones.  They have played everything with plastic water bottles and they love to play with their dolls.  They also love to use the pudding cups to make coffee for us.

We have had lots of fun at bath time and watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” after bath time.  We have enjoyed praying together at meals and when we have a need.  We have enjoyed playing at the park and eating at our favorite little pizza place.  We have enjoyed making cards for each other and making hearts for Valentine’s Day.

The last week or so, the children have been talking about America.  Every time they see a plane, they say “to America.”  We have a chart where we mark off the days and count how many til we go home.  The children have asked about what we have in America – “Ketchup……  Cheese……. Soccer……”  They are excited to see their rooms, Noni, Papa, Grandma, all the people they have heard about and seen by pictures and skype, and Milton and Sheldon!

Most of all, we have enjoyed God’s love and blessings on our family as we have loved each other and learned more about each other.  We are grateful that our time in Hungary is coming to an end in a week and we can return hone as a family of 4!  Our lives are forever changed and we are very grateful!  Thank you Father God for our family and all of Your many blessings.



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