It’s official!


Yesterday with much difficulty in the government office with paperwork, we finally got the signed paper making us an official Forever Family! Praise God! It was a very long and stressful day…we all had headaches and were tired, but we went to a beautiful hotel in Budapest! We are back in civilization!

Last night Dorina went in the bathroom and said, “shower not broken!” It was a real shower with a real shower curtain. The water was easy to regulate the temperature and the kids loved it! Dorina kept repeating “real shower, yay!” They didn’t want to get out and neither did Daddy and Mommy! We had real beds to sleep on and finally got some sleep! It was also very quiet and peaceful for the first time in 30 days! We have been thanking God for every little thing today! We are so grateful!

We praise God for all of His blessings and provisions and for our family! We ask God to complete our paper work on time so that we can fly home on Tues!

We are hoping to swim later today. The kids are excited!


2 thoughts on “It’s official!

  1. So sorry to hear there was difficulty! But so grateful y’all are official and in Budapest! have fun and enjoy the rest of your time!!

    blessings, Darlena

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