imageToday we tried swimming at the hotel pool. It is a wonderful hotel and pool. There are 3 pools…..cool, warm, and hot. I don’t think the kids had ever really been swimming . We spent time teaching them how to blow bubbles, hold their breath and jump in the water. Then we taught them about the dog paddle and floating. Dorina loved it! She even got her face wet and would jump quit far. Tibi did good with the dog paddle but was afraid to get his face wet. He did enjoy blowing bubbles.

It imagewas a dream come true for Mommy. Some of my favorite memories as a child are of our family playing in the hotel pool. We had so much fun when I was a kid and I had just as much fun with my kids today! Daddy and mommy took turns with each of the kids, taking them around the pool. It was very relaxing for Mommy and Daddy! The kids loved it. They didn’t even want to get out for lunch….and Dorina rarely turns down eating! Dorina said “I heart swimming!”

The picture of the kids was taken last night at dinner. the waitress gave the kids these hand painted pencils. She was so sweet! The kids were so happy! they told her all about going to America on Tuesday!

We just had a relaxing lunch! We have so enjoyed our day! Thank you God for such a wonderful day!


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