Happy Birthday


Saturday was Mommys birthday. First we enjoyed the wonderful breakfast buffet at the hotel. the kids are overwhelmed with so many choices! it is a wonderful spread. we let the kids choose between two or three options.

Then We started off trying to sight see by bus….we have not had favorable weather here. It was raining and the windows fogged up…so much for seeing anything. We were praying about what to do when Tibi had to use the bathroom. We got off at a stop and there was a McDonald’s right there. We decided to walk to a little cafe that we had eaten at when we got here in Jan. We wanted to visit a friend we had met there. We happened across the Central Market on the way to the cafe. Daddy really wanted to see it and in Jan when we went it had already closed for the day. So we took a stroll through the Market. So much to see! It was fun! We also happened to find the exact native set that Daddy had wanted to buy! God blesses us in so many unusual ways sometimes! We were also able to find some hand made Christmas ornaments for our collection. Wonderful finds!

Then we went to our little Cafe. Our friend Atilla was not working but we had a nice lunch. The owner also called our friend for us and we were able to visit with him. He is working today so we may go to lunch there to visit him! We took a taxi back to the hotel.

We decided to go swimming again. The kids love it. We are working on teaching them to put their faces in the water and they are making progress. They are still a little scared at times but are doing better. They can tread water with a little help and we worked on floating too. We all had a blast! They are already asking about going again.


imageThen we cleaned up and got ready for dinner. We had a yummy dinner! Daddy, Tibi, and Dorina gave Mommy a beautiful Hungarian porcelain box with flowers and a butterfly. They also gave me a card with Snoopy and hand written messages! So sweet! After dinner we ordered coffee and the waitress brought out a beautiful chocolate cake with my name on it and she was singing Happy Birthday to me! Tibi sang Happy Birthday to Mommy all day on Saturday! The cake and the evening were wonderful! Thank you my Dalrings for my wonderful birthday!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. So glad you are in a better place and get to enjoy things , the cake was just beautiful what a wonderful Birthday , talked to Cheryl today @ church told her you all will be home next week & she said that was wonderful & hoped you would bring the children to church sometime so she could meet them , so glad the days is getting closer and asking God for traveling mercies and hope the kids enjoy thier flight home to America . Much love to all & hugs & kisses to all , tell my little ones i love them so much and can’t wait to see them and have you all home . Love you !!!

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