Basilica w kidsSunday morning we set out to use the metro to do some exploring. It was cloudy but not raining when we left. We found the metro station and made it to St Stevens Basilica. The service was just ending as we entered and it was beautiful! The children were very reverent and Tibi asked Daddy to pray with him. Dorina wanted to know about Jesus, so we looked at the murals and Mommy told her a out Jesus.
parliment w DaddyThen since it was rainy and dreary, we decided to head back to the hotel. We were not able to find the right metro line easily and had to do a lot of walking, but God protected us and the kids were good troopers!We left there to try to find another sight but it started raining and the kids were hungry so we headed to our Cafe to see our friend Atilla. We had a wonderful lunch and visit with Atilla!

When we got back, the kids gave Mommy a massage because I had a headache. Then we went swimming. Dorina was very brave! She learned to put her head all the way under water and even go done and touch the bottom! She is becoming quite the swimmer. She is able to swim a short distance without help. Tibi is still timid but is making progress and did put his head under several times.

DSCN2882Monday we got our last paper work before leaving Hungary!  We got their Visas from the US Embassy.  While we waited on the paperwork, we took pictures.


Here is one of the Ronald Reagan statue and the kids.  We also got to see the Parliament Building, the chain bridge, and a great view of the Danube River and the Castle District.  We had pizza and a wonderful dessert and then Daddy went and picked up the visas and paperwork and we went back to pack and swim.

bliwing a kiss


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