Going Home

luggageWe all woke up around 3AM Atlanta time on Wednesday, Feb 27.  Our bodies were still on European.  We cuddled and tickled until about 5 AM and decided to get ready to go to breakfast.  The hotel has a great breakfast.  The kids got to try their first America cereals and peanut butter!  They liked peanut butter!

charles and nancyWe went back to the room and finished packing up and we rested for a while.  We turned on PBS and found that Tibi loves Curious George!  We found some great educational shows!  Then we loaded a luggage cart and headed to the lobby to wait for our friends Charles and Nancy to pick us up.  They have a wonderful van and all of our luggage and all of us fit inside!  They had teddy bears waiting for the kids and Nancy had made some beautiful framed embroidery for the kids.  We had a wonderful visit on the way home.  The kids were tired but enjoyed looking out the windows and hearing about America!

We stopped and ate at Chick-Fil-A for lunch in Columbus.  The kids enjoyed it.  They were even given one of their famous cow stuffed toys!  Tibi thought it was funny and kept repeating “eat more chicken!”  As we neared Eufaula, I started telling them about where we were and what they were seeing.  They were getting more excited by the minute!  When we got home, they were elated!  They ran down the little hill to our front steps.

welcome homeWe were so blessed and amazed and in tears when we entered our home!  There was a beautiful welcome home sign hanging in the house!  There were pictures of our family, framed and all over the house!  I was in tears!  It was so precious to have actual pictures of our family in the house already!  We have such sweet friends!  And we had a counter/refrigerator/freezer full of food!!!!  It was wonderful!  There were boxes and totes for each of the kids with some wonderful gifts in them!  We are so blessed!

But the most exciting part, was watching the kids enter their room for the first time.  Daddy and Mommy went inside and then told them to come in – they were elated!  They kept saying “Oh Wow!”  They loved it!  They were finally home!  It was a beautiful moment!  One we will never forget!  One that we thank God for daily!

We love being a family!  We thank God for each person that blessed us along our journey to become a family!  We thank God for all of the amazing plans that He put in place from the beginning of time that made us a family!  We are certain that this is God’s plan for all of us and we are so grateful!  new family


8 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. SO HAPPY FOR Y’ALL! Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey!! God bless your time at home with the kids!!

    blessings, Darlena

  2. So glad to know you’ve made it back safely with your beautiful children! I met you just a few days before you were to meet them at Superior Pecans & Gifts in Eufaula. Praising God that you have finally made it home with them! Come back to see us and bring the kids!

  3. Wow! Sounds you like have a GREAT support system at home. So glad to hear you made it safely. Now it’s time to start the rest of your lives! 🙂

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