Heading Home

DSCN2955We made a chart to count down the days until we would fly in a big airplane and come home.  The kids enjoyed looking at the chart each day and marking off the day that was done.  They counted the days until we would fly and be home.  The children wanted to sing “America the Beautiful” every day and got pretty good at it.

DSCN3002The day before we left, we spent several hours packing – making sure we had everything and making sure our treasured breakables were as secure as they could be.  I spent hours praying over our travel and our suitcases!  We also had once last time of swimming.  Dorina did so good!  She would hold her breath and go down to the bottom and touch it with her toe.  She would dog paddle to Mommy and Daddy for about 1-2 feet.  She would go all the way under on her own and push off the bottom and come right back up!  She is our little fishy!  Tibi loves the water – as long as it does not go in his nose, eyes, ears or over his face!  He loves to dog paddle as long as Mommy or Daddy keep his head above water.  He loves to repeat what Mommy would tell him “Kick those feet.  Move those arms”  We had a great time!

DSCN3012We got up at 3AM on Feb 26 and got ready to leave.  We woke the children and told them to get dressed for America!  They were so excited.  We checked out and ate the breakfast items that the hotel had prepared for us.  The taxi arrived at 4:15 and we headed to the airport.  We flew Lufthansa and they were so helpful with check in!  We headed to our gate and drank some water as the children watched the planes out the window!  They were so excited about everything!

We had a wonderful flight.  Our seats were not booked together but the check in lady fixed that for us.  Daddy sat with the children and Mommy sat across the isle.  During take off, Tibi said “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”  He loved it.  They enjoyed every minute of the flight!  We met a nice lady and her yo yo champion son on the plane and Mommy had a nice visit!  The flight went by quickly and we were in Frankfort, Germany!

DSCN3014As we were looking for our gate, we had to pass through and show our passports.  The guy was not very helpful.  He asked us a lot of questions and wanted to see our papers on the adoption.  George had told us NOT to open the papers for the US Immigration.  The guy didn’t like that!  After many odd questions, he finally stamped our passports and allowed us to move on through to find out gate.  We found our gate in Frankfort and had a snack of pretzel sandwiches and hot dogs with pretzels.  It was yummy.  Then we watched planes take off and board as we waited for our flight.


The children enjoyed the big plane!  We sat all in a row across the middle.  This plane was not full and the attendants were wonderful!  It was a long 10 hour flight, but the  children did marvelous!  They sat in their seats so nicely – except for the many trips to the toilet – 🙂  They colored, drew, wrote letters, watched the TVs, played games, and played with the puzzles that one of the attendants gave them.  They were happy and excited about America.  They were tired but happy when we finally landed in Atlanta.  We got through Immigration with some waiting but no problems.  We picked up our bags and headed for the hotel shuttle.  The kids kept asking “America?”  They couldn’t believe we were finally here!


We checked in to our hotel and ate a nice meal there.  The lady who served us was so great!  She gave us full cups of ice!  I had a long awaited Dr. Pepper!  It was so good to be in America!  We have never loved it as much as we do now!  We are so much more appreciative of everything that we have now than we ever have before.  We thank God for everything – we have so much!



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