First days home


mommys car

DSCN3156We love being home!  Our home feels like a mansion after the days in the apartment in Hungary!  The kids love playing in their room.  They have been given some sweet gifts and enjoy exploring!  We hear the phrase “Oh Wow!” often in our house!  It is a beautiful sound to hear their voices and their little feet in the house!  It has been a dream to spend time as a family and enjoy love and laughter!

mommys car dorina coloringThe children were excited to take their first ride in Daddy’s car or “Daddy’s Chevy” as Tibi says.  We had to make a quick trip to Walmart but they enjoyed it.  The next day it was time to take a trip in Mommy’s car.  They were very excited about this also.  They loved being up high and seeing all of the sights in America!  We had to make a trip to Dothan so Mommy helped them pack a little bag with some things to do.  They love to color and draw and write – so we put some crayons, color books, their special notebook, and a pen in bag.  We made a stop at Kmart to look for some clothes, we only have a few that we brought back with us.  They enjoyed looking at things but it took us a little bit to figure out their sizes.  Once we had that down, we were able to find them a couple of things.  The next day we went to Dollar General and were able to find them some shoes.  After we got home from DG, we had a little fashion show.  They tried on their new clothes and shoes and modeled for Daddy!  It was fun!

making dinnermaking cookiesWe have had so many wonderful firsts!  Dorina enjoyed helping Daddy make dinner!  She is a great helper.  She also helped Daddy make cookies.  We have enjoyed eating at our table together as a family.  Prayer time before meals is so sweet and special!  The kids love to thank God for everything.  The first morning at breakfast, they thanked God for their rooms, their beds, their sheets and their pillows!  They are so sweet and we have so much to be thankful for!

They have enjoyed playing playdough at our big table.  Tibi has played with his cars on the floor in his room.  This Seasame Street mat is a gift that Mommy got from her Grandma Carter years ago.  Mommy was very close to her Grandma and Grandma always gave her special gifts.  Mommy saved this mat for her children one day……it is so special to be able to use it!  Very special!

The first night, the children were so excited to crawl into their special beds.  They love them!  They snuggled in with some of their stuffed animals.  Mommy read them a story after their “real Shlower” in their own bathroom.  They like having their own bathroom with all of their own things!  After story time, we tucked them in and they fell right to sleep!  We have enjoyed snuggle and story time!  It is Mommy’s favorite time of the day.

DSCN3152Last night we started reading the Bible together.  They know enough English and can understand it better now.  While we were in Hungary  the children started saying “I love you Jesus” all of the time.  Going to church in Debrecen and praying as a family and singing  “Jesus songs” helped them to understand so much already.  One day while we waited for Daddy to get their Visa paper work, the children were asking Mommy about Jesus.  I explained about how Jesus sees us and loves us and takes care of us.  I also explained that we have to tell Jesus we are sorry when we do something wrong.  Tibi said “I am sorry Jesus” right then and so did Dorina.  So Mommy explained about how Jesus forgives us and he wants to live in our heart.  They asked Jesus to live in their heart.  It was so sweet and brought tears to Mommy’s eyes!  Now they tell Jesus they love Him all of the time and talk about how He lives in their hearts.  They ask God to help them with everything and they thank Him all of the time!  It is so precious to watch their sweet faith!  Mommy and Daddy are learning from them!  Last night’s Genesis 1 story was sweet!  We talked about how God said, “Let there be light” and how He created.  Daddy and Mommy turned off the lights and said “God said, Let there be light” and then switched on the lights for the kids.  They said, “Again please.”  That is their famous phrase!  We did it several times.  They loved it!  They were amazed how God did that!  It was so precious!

tibi parkThe day we went to Dothan, Daddy packed a picnic.  We went to Westgate park and had our first picnic!  The kids loved it!  We also played in the park for the first time in America!  We enjoy celebrating all of our firsts in America as a family!  We had longed and dreamed for these days and it is even better than we had imagined!  We have such a wonderful family and enjoy such love and laughter!  Every day, we strive to make a memory!  It feels like we are living in a dream!  We are so proud of the kids.  They are adjusting very well and their English improves daily.  We are enjoying using the things that MCES gave us to help the children learn and prepare for school.  The children have matured and learned so much since we met them that first week.  We remember those first things the children colored and drew for us – Dorina only used one color and only scribbled.  Tibi drew a person with just a circle and some sticks for arms.  Now they are writing letters, coloring very neatly, drawing realistic pictures, reading familiar names, naming letters, counting to 40, and singing English songs all of the time!  They have learned how to sit and eat at the table, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, play together nicely, say sorry when they do something wrong, trust us and follow directions.  God has done a marvelous work!  We give God all of the glory!  We know that this is a family made in heaven and we are forever grateful!  God has blessed us all beyond measure and we strive to make every day a day full of love, laughter, and thanksgiving and praise to God!

park in America

park Westgate



One thought on “First days home

  1. I remember those first few weeks home. It is such a special time because almost everything you do is a “first” of some sort. It is so fun to watch them have new experiences and learn how to navigate in an entirely new world. Enjoy!

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