Enjoying Family Life

Dorina with Milton We treasure every moment that we have together.  We love to read together, play together, pray together, and just spend time together.  The kids love to be at “house” and play in their rooms while listening to music.

Aladdin movieYesterday was movie day!  We watched Cinderella a few days ago while resting….but yesterday we watched Aladdin on the big screen with popcorn!  They really like popcorn as a snack and so do Mommy and Daddy!  They brought down their blankets and pillows and we cuddled up for the movie!  Tibi loved the Genie and the monkey who turns into an elephant.  Dorina loved Princess Jasmine of course!

Dorina's haircutTibi's first haircut bestToday was haircut day!  Tibi’s hair had grown so much and he had asked us to cut it.  When Mommy cut Dorina’s hair, it wasn’t even, so Dorina got a trim and evened out today.  They were excited about their haircuts.  It was so cute.  Tibi kept saying “oh no” to everything she did but he was smiling the whole time.  He also said “ouch” when she sprayed him with water.  He doesn’t like water on his face.  Dorina was very quiet during her haircut.  They both look great!  Daddy also got his haircut.

family at peacan placeAfter our haircuts, we went by Superior Pecans to visit Lamarsha who has been praying for us.  She took a family photo of us!

Then we had lunch at Burger King and let the kids have a few minutes of play time.  They had so much fun!  Right now they are doing puzzles in their room – kids after their Mommy’s heart – she loves to do puzzles in the winter!  They are listening to music and singing along as they do their puzzles.  They are such happy children and we are a happy family!  There is so much love!  It is wonderful!

Dorina playingThe children love to sing all of the time.  We hear Dorina sing “Joy down in my heart” all day long.  She sings in the shower, in the store, while she plays, and as she eats.  Yesterday, Dorina used her magic wand as a microphone and she had Tibi pretend to play the guitar and she sang her little heart out!  It was adorable.

Tibi playingThe children have wonderful imaginations!  Mommy gave each of them a key to play with.  Yesterday, they used the stairs as their cars.  Dorina said goodbye and kissed Mommy and Daddy and drove to the “market” with her babies.  She is so cute.  Tibi got in his car and went to the store too.  They play for hours!  They also have toy phones that they just love.  They take pictures of everything, like Daddy does and they talk for a long time.  It is so cute!

dorinas flowerOne day this week, we had just gotten home from running errands, and Dorina looked at the lawn and said “Flowers!  Pretty flowers!”  She was so excited to discover Dandelions!  She picked two of them for Mommy and Daddy and asked Daddy to put them in water.  She was so proud of them and we were so blessed to have our daughter pick flowers for us!  We treasure all of the wonders of being Daddy and Mommy!  Tibi gives the best hugs and kisses and is so tender and loving when someone is sick or hurting.  He prays for them and rubs their hands or head or whatever he can do for them.  Dorina gives great hugs and kisses too!  They are so sweet and loving!  And they love Jesus and thank God daily for everything!  It blesses our hearts!


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