Making Memories

pretty girlThis morning, Mommy set out to show her son,  Tibi, what basketball was like.  He likes soccer and I wanted to see if he liked Bball!  So I found a clip of KU – Mommy’s favorite team! – on youtube.  I called Tibi over and he sat on my lap and I said this is Mommy’s favorite sport and team.  He started watching it and said “Oh yes!”  I explained a few things to him and he started cheering “Go KU!”  He loved it!  Mommy was beaming!  It was a dream come true!  I have a new basketball buddy and just in time for March Madness!!!  When the clip (first half of a Ku and Kstate game) was over, Tibi said “Again please!!!”  So we watched another one!

Now my daughter, Dorina, came in to see what we were doing.  She noticed that the other team was wearing purple – her favorite color!  So she started cheering for the other team!!!!  Oh no!!!  So Tibi and Mommy had to explain to her that we cheer for KU and they were wearing blue that day.  She finally agreed that she should cheer “Go KU, but I still like purple!”  It was so adorable!  I have two new basketball buddies!

dorina bubbles house

March bubblesToday we walked up the hill from our house to a patch of grass.  On the way, we found some pine cones and acorns.  The kids were thrilled!  They love to find things in nature!  When we got up the hill, we broke out the bubbles!!!  The kids had a blast blowing bubbles and catching them.  Mommy and Daddy had fun watching and taking pictures.  We also tried to make big bubbles with a big bubble wand.

tibi cool bubblesThen, Mommy played chase with the children!  It was like a dream to hear their squeals of delight and giggles!  It was so much fun!  The simple things can be the greatest things!


After we wore Tibi out from chasing and running – we started our walk back.  Tibi was thirsty but Dorina wanted to blow bubbles on the way back.  Dorina was still blowing bubbles when we got back to the house.

sonic 2After some drinks of water, we went to Sonic for their first Chocolate Milkshake!  When we told the kids about the milkshakes, Dorina said “Dorina no like”  But when we got there and were ready to order, she said she wanted to try it since Mommy and Daddy were having one.  They loved them!   Tibi said, “Tibi likes milkshakes.  Yummy to my tummy.”  Dorina said, “Fenom milkshake,” which means good!

dorina's milkshake

tibi milkshake

We made a stop at the store and then home to make dinner.  While we waited in the car for Daddy to get some groceries, Tibi and Dorina played “slumb wars” – thumb wars and sang “I got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in ma hahrt.”  They are so cute!

For dinner, Daddy made fish sticks, homemade mac and cheese, and french style green beans.  Tibi said, “This is delicious!”  He even had seconds!  We have had some trouble getting them to try new things – but they both ate this meal!  Daddy even made homemade tarter sauce and it was delicious!

We had a fun day of making memories!

daddy tibi kiss


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