Beautiful Days

tibi cleaningDSCN3362Friday morning was cleaning day. Mommy cleans the upstairs and Daddy cleans the downstairs. Today, Mommy had two little helpers. Dorina and Tibi wanted to help clean. They really enjoyed helping clean their room and their bathroom! Then they wanted to help Mommy clean her room and bathroom. They were great! Tibi is very miticulous. He watches when Mommy shows him what to do and then he is very careful to follow the example. Dorina likes to help too, but she gets in a hurry and wants to move on to the next job. They worked very hard helping Mommy and each got a star and a reward!

DSCN3371kids at lake goodAfter cleaning, we went to the lake to have a picnic. Daddy packed a lunch of BLTs, juice, orange slices, celery and peanut butter.  It was so pretty by the water.  Daddy did an excellent job with lunch!  Dorina loves orange slices.  Tibi tried celery and peanut butter – he seemed to like it, but it took too long to eat so he ate an orange slice instead.  The kids enjoyed walking along the water and looking at ducks, boats, and geese.  Dorina and Daddy found some baby pine cones and some big pine cones and enjoyed looking at them.  Tibi and Mommy found a crane and some birds to watch.

Saturday, Mommy woke up with a headache.  Tibi looked at Mommy and said, “Are you ok Mommy?”  When I told him I had a headache, he went downstairs, fixed Mommy a glass of ice water, and brought it up to my room.  He is so sweet!  Then he prayed for Mommy!  Tibi and Dorina rubbed Mommy’s head and helped her feel better.

sweet w giraffefirst shotsWe checked the weather for the day, and realized it was going to be a beautiful day!  We have been reading the Bible with the kids every night and our story Friday night was about Noah’s Ark.  Daddy has a lot of Noah’s ark things around the house and the kids have been singing about Noah’s Ark – so we decided to go to the Montgomery Zoo!  Daddy packed up another wonderful lunch and we headed to the zoo.

kids at zooWhen we got there, the weather was beautiful!  We sat down and had our little wonderful picnic that Daddy had made.  Then we started off to see the orange birds!  At first the children were scared that the animals would hurt them or get them, but they soon realized they were safe and enjoyed looking at the animals.

tibi navigatorTibi really liked the snakes and asked to go through the snake house “again please.”  He was fascinated with the bear and he looked forward to seeing the tiger or “tigger” as he called it.  They also wanted to see the lions, giraffe, and elephants that we had talked about on Noah’s Ark.  Dorina enjoyed watching the monkeys!  She is a big monkey fan and we saw tiny monkeys, medium monkeys, and big monkeys.

feeding birds togetherWe enjoyed feeding the parakeets too!

Tibi was our navigator.  He enjoyed looking at the Zoo map.  He would find the animal that we were at and show us where we needed to go next.  He did a good job of finding where we were and the path to the next animal!

going to churchhaleburgSunday we went to church and heard Daddy preach.  Tibi listened carefully to Daddy and made whisper comments – “Stop Daddy, ” he said when Daddy talked about Tibi.  “Nutella Daddy” when Daddy talked about Tesco in Hungary.  Tibi also pretended to take notes.  Dorina giggled when Daddy sang at the end.  Dorina also told Mommy, “Quiet Mommy,” when Mommy said amen to what Daddy was preaching about.  The rest of the day the kids said, “Thank you God for Daddy’s church.”

looking through fenceWe have such fun as a family.  The kids English is so wonderful – we are amazed.  They are doing so well at adjusting and feel very comfortable at home.  We are able to joke and laugh and play and just have a grand time together as a family.  We are comfortable together and the children listen and obey very well.  The kids are so loving and sweet and we share lots of hugs and kisses and “I love you.”  We feel God’s love and blessing upon our family daily!  We thank God for each treasured moment and memory that we are making!  We have waited so long to be a family and we value every day together!  It was like a dream for Daddy and Mommy to take their son and daughter to the zoo!  Each first is a treasure!  We love to read the Bible together and see how they are learning about and loving God!  We are so grateful for all God has done, is doing, and will do!  We are so blessed!  Many people tell us that the kids are blessed to have us, but it is really the other way around.  Daddy and Mommy are the ones who are blessed to call Tibi our son, and Dorina our daughter!

daddy's pic of kids


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