New Experiences

Dorina waterfallWednesday we went to the Library.  The kids were amazed at all of the books!  We got them their very own library cards and let them each pick and check out 2 books.  Mommy and Daddy also picked out books and checked them out for the kids.  They were so excited.  They read their books all the way home.  That evening they each picked out a book for Mommy to read to them.  They enjoyed the books very much!  They love reading!  We read stories every night before bed.  The children also enjoy looking at books on their own and making up the stories to go along with the pictures!

Tibi w butterflyThursday we went to Callaway Gardens.  Daddy packed another wonderful lunch!  We sat by the water and watched the ducks while we ate.  After we finished eating, we went over to the bridge to look at the fish and ducks.  We hadn’t thought to bring any quarters with us for the fish food, but a sweet lady gave each of the children a quarter.  Mommy helped Tibi put in the quarter and get the food out of the machine.  I told Tibi to hold it while I started to help Dorina with her quarter, but I saw Tibi start to put the fish food in his mouth!  Oh no!!  Note to self – thoroughly explain new experiences to the children before letting them go!  In spite of an oops, we had a fun time throwing out the food and watching the fish swim up quickly to get it.  They had a blast!

kids butterfly houseThen we went to the Butterfly House.  Dorina wore her special butterfly shirt and seemed very excited until we got into the butterfly house!  She was terrified!  She sat on Daddy’s lap and didn’t want to be anywhere near the butterflies!  Tibi and Mommy had fun!  One butterfly landed on Mommy and Tibi’s shoes!  Tibi loved walking around and searching for butterflies.  He even sat down beside one for a picture.  It stayed very still during the picture.  Then Tibi took a picture of Mommy’s feet next to the butterfly.  He enjoyed looking at and counting the gold fish.  It was hot in the Butterfly House so Dorina and Daddy went out to the lobby while Tibi and Mommy kept exploring.

chapelLast we went to the Chapel.  The kids enjoyed looking at the stained glass windows.  Tibi wanted to know what the kneeling bench was for so Mommy and Tibi knelt and prayed.  We took some pictures outside by the waterfall before we left.  The children enjoyed looking at the waterfall.

On the way home, we stopped at Publix to do some shopping.  While Daddy did the shopping, Mommy and the children explored the market.  We had fun with vocabulary.  They enjoyed looking at all of the fruits and vegetables and learning the names of them and smelling them!  They want to try peaches after smelling them.  We also enjoyed naming numbers and characters on the balloons, and naming items on the shelf.

Tibi waterfallWe stopped for a bite to eat and then headed home to get ready for bed.  It was just getting dark as we left Columbus.  The children asked for Jesus music.  All four of us had a wonderful time singing and praising God on the way home.  Mommy’s heart was full and overflowing listening to those sweet voices singing to their Jesus!  It brought tears to my eyes!

295678_4328874511566_1139089259_n(1)Friday we went to story time at the Eufaula Library. The Librarian read “The Princess Frog?”  They enjoyed the story and then made a craft…..frogs!  They had fun putting the frog together and naming the shapes.  Tibi enjoyed looking at the mural and picking out the characters and shapes that he found.  

This afternoon they are enjoying play time.  They have found a way to make the recliner into a car and have been going to the market.  They used Mr. Potato Head to practice vocabulary.  They played doctor check ups with Daddy.  They built a house with Lincoln Logs.

waterfallWe thank God for every moment as a family!  Even the simple things are more fun as a family!  Daddy and Mommy have waited so long for these days!  We cherish and treasure every moment we have together!  Every experience is full of excitement!  God has blessed us so much!  We pray that we never take for granted these precious moments together!

We love to hear their new expressions and phrases in English.  Here are a few of their cute ones…….

DSCN3454“Daddy, May I be accused (excused) please.”  “There it is.”  “Here we go.”  “Let’s go (when Dorina is ready to leave)”   “Can I say please?” – this one means that they want to do something or touch something or need help with something.  “Look here” – means they want you to see something they have done or made.  “Oh my goodness.”  “Poo Poo in the potty.”  “Help please”  “Again please” – we hear this one all of the time!  “Can I see please hill” – this means they want Daddy to drive down the hill by our house.  “Dorina no like….”  – this one changes daily as to what she likes and doesn’t like.  “Tibi yes”  “Cuse me” – this means excuse me.  “Tibi’s Churn” – (Tibi’s turn)  “Cheddy Bear” (Teddy Bear)  “Dorina take hot shlower” (hot shower).  “Jesus Music.”  “Winnie Da Pooh.”  “Delicious!”  “I hungry”  Booty – which means twenty.  “That’s funny.”

tibi posesTibi – Knock Knock.  Mommy – Who’s there?  Tibi – Boo.  Mommy – Boo Who?  Tibi – What the crying?

And our favorite phrases of all “Tibi loves Mommy.  I love you Mommy.”  “Dorina loves Daddy.  I love you Daddy.”


One thought on “New Experiences

  1. I love those English phrases. So fun to hear them learn new languages! And, I don’t know if you are noticing it, since you see them everyday, but are you aware how much older Tibi looks in these pictures than just a few weeks ago? Holy growth spurt!

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