Daddy’s Surprise Party

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Daddy has a birthday coming up next week.  Mommy has been praying about a way for the kids to surprise Daddy.  God provided the perfect opportunity when Daddy had to get the oil changed in the car and run a few errands.  After Daddy left the house, Mommy and the kids got ready and went shopping.  We planned to make dinner, get a cake, decorate, and make cards.

blog Daddy's partyThe kids had a blast helping Mommy shop for things for the party.  They helped pick out the decorations and plan the meal.  Mommy is not a chef by any means – so we planned an easy Campbell’s Soup recipe.   And thanks to the wonderful help of Tibi and Dorina and lots of prayer on Mommy’s part – the meal was a success!

Blog dorina party

We used the cooking as a learning lesson.  The kids took turns looking for the correct measuring spoon or cup by looking for the two numbers in the fraction.  They are learning to identify numbers.  We also learn vocabulary in everything we do.

blog tibi

They took turns pouring and mixing.  They did a very good job!  They had fun!  The children really like to help out!  They enjoyed doing something extra special for Daddy!

Blog Daddy bdayWe also did some cleaning for Daddy, did the laundry and put it away, and emptied the dishwasher.  Dorina and Tibi also did some extra chores to earn some money.  We had a grand time getting ready to surprise Daddy!

And we surprised him too!  Daddy had no clue that we would throw him an early birthday party!  It was so much fun!

blog Daddy's cake

Daddy said it was extra special because it was the first birthday that he celebrated as a family!

blog blow out candlesHappy Birthday Daddy!  We love you!


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