Daily Life

Blog mom and kidsWe have been enjoying daily life as a family.  We feel like we have been a family for a long time now – we can’t believe that we met the children only 2 months ago and that we have only been home for 1 month!  God is so good!  God has given us so many blessings and so much grace!  We praise Him for the way that the children have adjusted and how much we love each other!  We enjoy every day as a family!

Blog Daddy kids

We enjoy listening to our children learn English!  It is so precious to hear their little voices and accents.  Here are a few new famous phrases from them.

Blog - fashion showDorina – “Don’t push the but, it scares Sheldon and Milton.”  This was said in reference to the doorbell button and our cats. “No no no no no no no.”  This phrase Dorina uses whenever something goes wrong.  “I don’t know dear” – Dorina uses this one frequently and Tibi has started using it.   Tibi – “It smells sooooo good!”  Both of them say “oh me!”  which is one of Daddy’s phrases.  The kids can’t quite pronounce the name of one of Daddy’s churches that he pastors – Haleburg.  They have referred to it as the “Hamburger church.”

Blog Tibi waterfall

Mommy started back to work – which was not easy but we are very thankful that Mommy has a good job.  Daddy has been teaching school at home to the children.  Daddy is doing a wonderful job!  The kids are working on their letters and doing some wonderful art projects.  They are working on counting too.

Blog Dorina walkOn Monday, we went for a walk on the walking trail by the lake.  On our walk, we found spider webs to investigate.  We also talked about straight trees and crooked trees.  We saw numbers, bird houses, and flowers.  We enjoyed taking a little hike down to the waterfall.  On the steep climb back up from the waterfall, Tibi said, “Oh my Lord!”  We had to help each other climb back up.

On our drives to run errands or go places, we have been learning about going up hills, down hills, and going around curves.  The children enjoy going up and down a hill near our house.  We have also talked about street signs and speed limits.  The children were afraid of the police in Hungary, but they have been learning that the police are here to protect us.  Tibi told Mommy “Tibi likes fast.  Tibi go 67.”  Oh dear!  We have a lot to teach him before he gets to driving age!  🙂  We have been talking about how God wants us to obey the laws and the speed limit is one of those laws.  The kids like to take their “keys” with them when we go somewhere and pretend to drive from the back seat!

Blog family

Tibi took this picture, when we were at the waterfall on our walk.  Tibi wants a camera and enjoys taking pretend pictures with his play phone.  He wants to take pictures like his Daddy!



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