Blog Easter egg huntWe have been preparing for Easter at our house.  We read the Bible every night with the children.  They really enjoy it.  blog easter egg slideThis week we read the Easter story.  We have talked about it before, but Mommy read Tibi and Dorina a special Easter story book.  When we got to the part about Jesus being beaten, Tibi said, “That not funny.”  He was very sad.  When we got to the part where Jesus rose from the dead, Tibi and Dorina cheered!  It was so sweet!

DSCN3589Last Saturday, we attempted to go to the Harvest Easter egg hunt.  We had fun eating lunch with Grandma and playing at Landmark Park, but before the Easter egg hunt began, it started to rain and we decided to leave.  blog Tibi's eggBefore the rain started, the children enjoyed sliding down the inflatable slide.  The picture of Tibi is his face when he ran back to get in line after he slid down the first time!  They both really enjoyed the slide!

blog Tibi easter eggToday, we dyed Easter eggs at home.  Mommy used a white crayon to draw surprises on the eggs before the kids put them in the dye. blog Dorina and the egg They had fun discovering what the surprise was on each egg.  They enjoyed the activity!  Daddy had prepared the eggs and made home aid dye for them.  Daddy showed them how to dye the eggs and helped them dye 24 eggs!

For lunch today, Daddy packed a picnic and we went to the lake.  We had a wonderful picnic lunch and then the kids played for a while.  Mommy hid the eggs and the children had fun finding them.  The first time, we found all 24 eggs.  The second time Mommy hid the eggs a little better so that the children would have to search harder for them.  Dorina looked hard and found most of them.  But Mommy had done such a good job hiding them, that we had to leave 2 of them there!  We don’t know where they are!!!

blog kids egggs


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