Living and Learning

cute feed turtlesOur children are learning English so quickly. We want to capture all of their cute phrases and accents as they grow. Here are a few of their newest phrases.

“There she goes” – this is used frequently for whatever. ” What is this” – The children say this when they don’t understand something in English or they want more information about something. “Nope” is the new word for no.

One of my favorites recently is “Sing Rosetta to the King of Kings” – this is from the song Sing Hosanna. They didn’t understand the words and thought it said Rosetta.
When Tibi is helping clear the table, he will ask us if the fork goes in the “sink washer or the dish washer”- the sink washer is his word for sink.

“Ready to wash my hi” – hi means hair and “Ready for Shayampoo.” If anyone or anything falls, Tibi says “One fell off and bumped his head.”

They are working hard on writing their numbers and letters and knowing the letter sounds. They are doing so good and we thank God daily for their desire to learn and their hard work. However, we did discover that the statistics are proving right and they are forgetting almost all of their Hungarian. We are doing our best to play Hungarian songs and review Hungarian words for them. We do want them to know both languages but it is difficult since we do not speak Hungarian. We are also using Google.Translate to help them remember. A few weeks ago, it seemed that the kids were just stressed. When we discovered that they were forgetting their Hungarian, Daddy pulled up some Hungarian videos for them. It seemed to make them feel better. We remember how stressed we felt after weeks of hearing Hungarian and how refreshing it was for us to spend time with the Chun’s and speak English again. We thank God for showing us ways to help our children each day!

Each day is a learning experience for all of us but we find great joy in it! We thank God for making us a forever family! We enjoy the simplest things as long as we are together! There is so much love in our family and we pray that it is always this way! We are proud parents of two beautiful souls! Our children are beautiful inside and out and we thank God for that daily!


5 thoughts on “Living and Learning

  1. Thanks for sharing your new life with the kids! I’ve been following your blog since we met at the Taylor Mason show, and its so wonderful to hear how happy you all are and how well everything’s going. Continuing to pray for your family!

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