Atlanta Symphony

kids at concert collageFriday night, we took the kids to hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Callaway Gardens. It was a very special event for us.

In 2009, Tony took me on a date to this very event. It was a very special night where Tony realized how much he loved me, and I knew we would be married. He almost proposed to me that night. Now, in 2013, we enjoyed it as a family!

The kids already have a love for music, and they really enjoyed the concert! Tibi danced by himself to the music and Dorina danced with Mommy. They sat and listed intently to all of the songs.

pictures the kids tookWe bought a pair of binoculars before we went and they had fun looking at the musicians and instruments. We also had given them an old camera (or camya as Tibi calls it) to use. They had a blast taking pictures and they are quite good at it! They imitate Daddy and his photography very well, including making you pose just right (stand here, scoot over there, put your hand here, and smile please).  The photos on the right were taken by Photographers Tibi and Dorina!

We had a picnic before the concert of some of Daddy’s delicious food. It was a beautiful evening! We had such a fun time! Many people commented on how sweet our children are. We are so proud of them and thank God every day!

kids at callawayWe also had a chance to see some of Callaway Gardens.  Dorina was not as scared of the butterflies this time and one even landed on her foot!  She had fun taking pictures of the butterflies and flowers.  We also toured the Horticultural Center and they enjoyed the plants and flowers there.


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