First Doctor Visit

kids at doctorThe children had their first appointment with the doctor. God did an awesome job!

When we were in Hungary, we discovered that the children were afraid of a lot of things and one of them was a doctor. When we would talk about taking Dorina to the doctor to have her earrings removed, she threw a huge kicking and screaming fit. So we started talking about how God would be with them

Several weeks ago the children started to learn scriptures verses. The first one was “Trust in The Lord with all your heart.” We talked about how we could trust God in everything and how He is with us and takes care of us. They learned to trust Him through thunderstorms, noisy toilets, bugs, spiders, helping them with lessons, helping them find missing things, and helping them obey. We talked about the doctor often and how God would take care of them.

We made the first appointment when Mommy was off of work. The day before, the office called and it was rescheduled it with a different doctor. Then it was on a day Mommy was working so they rescheduled it again.. Then they rescheduled it again with a different doctor. I write all of this to say that God had His hand on choosing their doctor and the nurse who worked with them.

We had prayed about where to go. the adoption agency had recommended an Adoption clinic in Bham but we felt led to go somewhere else. We went to Dothan Pediatrics and saw Dr. Barron and the nurse working with him that day was Cindy. She had worked with several adoptive families before and was so kind and helpful! She was able to help us decipher the kids shot records from Hungary which had not been written properly by the doctor we saw in Hungary to get the kids reports for the US Embassy. Dr. Barron was so kind and patient and gentle. He understood the kids fears and helped us make the right decisions. We are so grateful.

The kids did wonderfully. It was a very long morning for the kids but they left thanking God for Dr. Barron. Dorina had said before we went that she did not like boy doctors, but as we were leaving the office, she said, Dr. Barron is sweet. Now I don’t like girl doctors, just boys.” That was amazing since she got 5 shots to finish her immunization a and get her current. She and Tibi was so brave and so good! They kept praying the whole time and trusting God and God was with them!

We are so proud of them and so grateful for how God is teaching them and caring for them!


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