Life in the Rosetta House

turtlesLife in the Rosetta House is full of wonderful surprises, love, and laughter.  The children really like to help out around the house.  They are great helpers in the kitchen.  Tonight, when Mommy came home from work, Daddy was working on dinner.  Dorina and Tibi were cutting up hot dogs to go in the corn dog casserole.   It was yummy!  They help with cleaning the house too and they enjoy helping.  They are great at helping clear the table, wash the table, and put the dishes in the dishwasher.  They enjoy helping.  We are very proud of our little helpers!  They have also helped Daddy plant flowers and work in the yard!

Our favorite time of day is after showers when we sit down together to read the Bible and pray.  The children have been learning scripture verses.  They know 5 of them now.  We have also been learning about the 10 Commandments.  One day we were studying the story of Moses and the 10 commandments.  We read about how Moses went up on the mountain to be alone with God and how God wrote on the tablets, Dorina said, “how sweet.”  They know almost all of the commandments by memory now and they also apply them to other Bible stories and every day life.  We were reading about Elijah and how King Ahab wanted the people to worship Baal and Tibi said “Number one – God is the only God and Number two – Worship only God!”  It is so amazing to watch God work in their hearts.  It is so awesome how Dorina and Tibi are hungry for God’s Word and how they love Him so much!

Each night after Bible time, we spend time praying.  When we were praying and talking about loving God one night, Tibi said, “Jesus,  God, I love you both!”  Each night, they say, “I’m sorry God for what I did wrong,” and “I love you God.”  The children enjoy praying for others in the church and for family members.  They pray for each other and they pray that God will help them too.  One night, Dorina asked God to help her make the “Z” sound that she was having trouble with.  (We work on Saxon Phonics)  She then tried to make the sound and made it perfectly!  She has made it every since!  She was so excited that God had answered her prayer so quickly!  After we pray, we also pause and listen for what God has to say to us.  It is so awesome to watch them get quiet and see them get huge smiles on their faces.  When we ask them what they are smiling about, they say things like, “God told me He loves me.  I feel God loving me.  God told me He forgives me for what I did wrong today.  God told me to obey Mommy and Daddy.”  They are teaching Mommy and Daddy more about God every day!

bikesTonight was a beautiful evening so we went for a bike ride.  The children enjoy riding their new bikes.  Tibi has some weakness in his legs and bike riding is a great exercise for him.  He is already making improvement.  His feet turned out and his legs were very weak when we first met him.  He has been practicing keeping his feet pointed forward and walking.  He is also practicing his endurance on his bike and he is making great progress.  We have quite a few hills around our place and at first he needed a lot of help to get up those hills, but he is doing wonderful now!  There is a pond, not too far from our house.  We like to ride the bikes to the pond and feed the turtles!  We have found that the turtles like popcorn and bread crumbs.  The kids really enjoy watching the turtles come right up to us and get the bread.  Even the fish enjoyed it that last time!  We enjoyed seeing the baby turtles the last time!

Recently, Papa and Nonnie sent us the Barbies that Mommy used to play with as a child.  It brought back some wonderful memories for Mommy!  But it was so amazing how God sent them at just the right time!  We set them up and each took some of the Barbies and set up the store/hospital/house and started playing.  I had no idea what great role play we would have that day!  We talked about behaviors in social settings and other issues that the children have been working on.  It was amazing how God led our play time and helped the children understand some of the rules that Mommy and Daddy have been teaching them!  God always lead us if we will only listen and follow!  I hadn’t thought of Barbie doll role play – but it was perfect!

We are thankful for each day that we get to spend together!  The children are so happy and full of life.  They are speaking in full sentences and beginning to use pronouns correctly.  They know all of the sounds to the alphabet and are working on spelling short words and rhyming words.  They are learning their address and so much more.  We are so proud of them!  They work very hard and learn and grow each day!  Each day we lean on God for guidance and direction and He is so faithful to provide!  We are all growing closer to the Lord every day!


2 thoughts on “Life in the Rosetta House

  1. We are getting ready to leave for Hungary to adopt a 7 year old girl…I enjoy reading about your trip and your new kiddos!

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